With US International Travel Reopening, Expect Higher Prices and Longer Lines

The Trump administration has re-imposed travel restrictions on seven predominantly Muslim countries, indefinitely halting the US Refugee Admissions Program. Plans for a 50% increase to nonimmigrant visa fees have also been put in place due to an expected rise of international travelers. American Airlines and JetBlue will offer special flights from New York City’s JFK International Airport at double their usual rates during this time period.

The “u.s. travel ban update today” is that the US International Travel Ban has been reopened. This means that travelers will be able to enter the United States without a visa, but it also means that prices and lines are expected to increase.

We’re getting close to November 8, when the US’s new international travel system takes effect, allowing fully vaccinated foreign travelers to enter the US under a more straightforward and inclusive set of COVID-19 requirements.

International air arrivals from more than 30 countries must now be completely vaccinated and produce a negative COVID-19 test within three days of boarding their U.S.-bound aircraft, according to the new requirements.


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Foreigners from more than 30 countries, whose residents have been barred from entering the United States for the last 19 months, are now allowed to travel for non-essential reasons, such as to reconcile with friends or family, or just to vacation. That’s great news for the tourism business in the United States, which has been completely crippled by the pandemic’s aftermath.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasized in its statement earlier this week that airlines are responsible for collecting passenger information and sending it on to the agency for contact-tracing reasons. Because many airlines are still trying to keep up with necessary employee levels and re-training, this is likely to place extra burden on airport operations.

According to Daniel Burnham, senior member operations specialist at Scott’s Cheap Flights, “this will likely cause crowding in the early days of implementing these new rules at many European airports,” because airline personnel will be burdened with collecting contact information and verifying each passenger’s vaccination status and test results.

As a result, overseas tourists attempting to fly to the United States are likely to face severe delays, large lineups, and lengthy wait periods at the airport. They’re also likely to find fewer deals on flights and lodging, particularly in big U.S. locations like New York, Los Angeles, and Orlando.

American Airlines gate agents at the counter At the desk are American Airlines gate agents. (American Airlines provided this image)

Searches and sales for tickets to the United States are already increasing, according to Nicholas Calio, president and CEO of the trade group Airlines for America (A4A). “We have noticed an uptick in foreign ticket sales in recent weeks,” he said in a statement, “and are anxious to begin securely reuniting the numerous families, friends, and colleagues who have not seen each other in almost two years, if not longer.”

Naturally, when demand grows, so does price. According to Adit Damodaran, an economist at the travel app Hopper, the cost of an international ticket has increased by an average of 12% since last month. “From now until the holidays, we anticipate overseas prices to jump another 15%,” he continued.

“Travel searches on Expedia and Hotels.com had been simmering in anticipation of the borders reopening and came to a full boil the minute the United States designated November 8,” Expedia Brands spokesperson Melanie Fish told the magazine. “Increased demand in 2022 will almost certainly imply fewer travel discounts.”

“City hotels in the United States are projected to be in great demand,” said Misty Belles, vice president of the Virtuoso travel network. “This is a change in trend over the last 18 months.” “As a result, bid farewell to inexpensive rates and flexible cancellation procedures.”

The “when will u.s. borders reopen to uk 2021” is a question that many people have been asking for a while now, as the US International Travel Reopening date has been announced. The answer is not yet known, but it could be anywhere from 2020-2022.

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