The Longest Airline Customer Service Line Ever. Here’s What To Do Instead.

After a long day of travel, when everyone has had enough and is ready for the adventure to finally be over, we attempt to call our airline. But it’s not that easy – at least not in my experience. My most recent trip was delayed five hours on the runway due to an engine failure, which meant I would miss my connecting flight entirely. I called customer service line number 1-800-ASK-US Airways and waited on hold with no answer for 45 minutes before hanging up and trying again…and waiting another 15 minutes until someone picked up (or so I thought). It turns out one never answered me after all! After about three more attempts that went nowhere fast I gave up and found another way home from Tampa International Airport via UberX or Lyft instead of taking a $1,000+ taxi ride back into town during peak traffic time

The “which airline has the worst customer service” is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer may come as a surprise to some, but it turns out that the longest airline customer service line ever was not from an American company.


It’s the World’s Longest Airline Customer Service Line. Instead, here’s what you should do.

on October 29, 2021 by Gary Leff

A video of a customer care queue was published on Twitter. It stretches around the customer service area and into the terminal’s hallway — and continues going. This was, of course, American Airlines, and it was in Miami.

@AmericanAir This is terrible.

October 27, 2021 — Olin Simplis (@osimplis)

Dallas – Fort Worth, on the other side, is as follows:

Flights were canceled by AmericanAir with no reason. The fact that hundreds of people are waiting in line and are stuck does not appear to bother the agents. I’m stranded in Dallas.

October 29, 2021 — Dr. Willie J. Montague (@RepMontague)

Some major strategies are as follows:

  • Rebooking is occasionally possible using the mobile app. You may not be able to view all available flight choices, but you may be able to confirm a ticket that works for you.
  • Instead of standing in this queue, go to the club if you have access.
  • When I’m in the air and can’t phone and need to be transferred onto a different aircraft due to a delay, I use Twitter direct messaging to contact American Airlines.
  • Customer support over the phone Having your calls handled quickly, particularly if you have elite status, may be faster and simpler than waiting in line.
  • Foreign contact centers aren’t free, so utilize an internet calling software (like Skype) to dial an English-language call center in another country (the U.K. and Australia lines are ideal for American, while the Singapore line is best for Delta).
  • If you can, seek assistance at your gate rather than calling customer service, or even return to the ticket counter; there are individuals who can assist you other than the customer service number when things are this bad.

In fact, try combining all of these ideas. While you’re waiting in line, start working on your phone and tweeting. You may be able to receive what you need long before being assisted in person at the airport. In the meanwhile, you’re moving up the line in case you need immediate physical assistance.

When you do find someone to assist you, it also helps to know what you genuinely want. I use ExpertFlyer to discover tickets with availability rapidly, but you may just go to the airline’s website and search as if you were purchasing a fresh ticket. They should be able to rebook you onto a flight if they can sell you a seat.

You’re not the only one searching for assistance during big flight interruptions, and you want to be ahead of your competition (fellow passengers). However, since other people are moving about as well, availability for different flights is always changing. If I don’t see the flight I want, I keep checking availability. Even if I don’t see what I want or see something better than what I have, I’ll contact the airline since by the time they pick up, there may be better possibilities. They could be, or they could ben’t! You may continue look for ways to optimize your new schedule after you’ve been rebooked.

Also, remember to be kind while interacting with customer care representatives. It’s possible that you’re having a horrible day. It’s possible that the airline is to blame. But it’s almost never the fault of the individual who is attempting to assist you.

Furthermore, the customer support representative is not compensated by their employment for going above and beyond to resolve your issue. They may, however, make a significant difference in getting you to your destination fast (or not). You want to persuade them to support you. Make a joke with them. Interrogate them about their day. Treat them like individuals, because that is what they are, and they will go out of their way to help you.

Ask someone else if you don’t get what you want the first time. Take a second and third bite at the apple with each of these customer service alternatives. Some agents will bend the regulations, while others may refuse to provide you with what you are entitled to. I normally ask for something three times (from separate individuals) and be told no three times before accepting it.

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