Union Told Crew Not To Work Extra Trips As American Airlines Cancelled Thousands Of Flights

American Airlines has cancelled over 3,000 flights due to the FAA’s shutdown of the airspace. Thousands more are expected to be impacted in coming days as other airlines follow suit. The airline says it is allowing crews time off work and cancelling flights until they can determine when operations will return to normal – giving pilots and flight attendants a chance for Thanksgiving vacation plans.

In response to the American Airlines cancelling thousands of flights, the Union Told Crew Not To Work Extra Trips. Read more in detail here: what airline has the most cancellations.


As a result of American Airlines canceling tens of thousands of flights, the union warned crews not to work extra trips.

on November 2, 2021 by Gary Leff

On Thursday, the American Airlines business started to have serious issues. Takeoffs and landings at the airline’s major hub in Dallas were hindered by high winds in North Texas. As a result, there were cancellations and crew members were out of position. They had no choice except to deploy their backup staff.

They ran out of backup staff as the month came to a close. The airline blames the weather, although weather affects every airline at some point. As Cranky Flier points out, what occurred here is that American re-built its schedule quicker than they recruited staff. As a result, there is no room for mistake.

American Airlines halted flights throughout the summer owing to a shortage of Boeing 737 pilots, since many of those pilots had been grounded due to the epidemic. The airline received $10 billion in public funds to “maintain staff ready to fly when customers return,” but it failed to do so, incentivizing early retirements and leave of absences to cut headcount.

The issue now was a dearth of flight attendants. American attempted to get flight attendants to work longer than their contractual limit duty hours, but the union retaliated on Saturday, pushing flight attendants to refuse. On Sunday, American’s operation deteriorated significantly.

We’re in the last two days of the month, and we’re witnessing an unusually high amount of Reserve assignments and reschedulings. As a Reserve Flight Attendant, you will not be obliged to accept an assignment that would take you over your monthly limit, according to JCBA Section 12.L. The monthly limit for October is 90.00 hours across all bases. Keep a careful eye on your RSVCOT (Reserve Calling Out of Time) on your HI1, which shows directly below your phone number. The Company cannot compel you to take an assignment that exceeds 90.00 hours of RSVCOT.

As a reminder, if your RSVCOT is 85.01 or higher, you may contact crew scheduling to request a call out of time after you’ve signed in for the trip that has you above 85.01.

Listening to the taped conversations when Flight Attendants are rightfully contesting Crew Scheduling/Tracking on improper assignments is maddening… Their rude tone and demeanor, along with the threat of missing flights, must end…. It is not the responsibility of Flight Attendants that there is insufficient manpower to support the business as it is now designed.

For a long time, American has been short on personnel. Reserve pilots are being transferred on flights that violate their contracts, and management is telling them to “grieve it.” This is meant to save American $500 million in payroll each year, but they’re paying substantial premiums to crew to cover excursions, so the savings are being eaten away.

Weather occurs all the time, and they don’t have the same wiggle room as they would under regular conditions. When anything goes wrong, the operation falls apart because they lack the necessary personnel margin to operate the option. New flight attendants are joining the company, and more are returning from leave, according to American Airlines. However, they’ve been short on pilots, reservations agents, and gate agents (and new labor-saving single-agent boarding means they don’t count troublesome customers before they board).

On Friday, when the American Airlines flight operations were breaking down, management posted footage from its Halloween party.

Normally, American Airlines promptly posts a fully produced version of their Halloween celebrations on its internal staff website. I’m guessing the reason the video that version of the video hasn’t been delivered to me yet is because it’s weird to have management dancing when planes are being canceled all across the country.

CEO Doug Parker dressed himself as Billy Ray Cyrus last year. He portrayed Boy George the year before, lip-syncing Karma Chameleon in front of a gigantic chameleon in the backdrop.

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