Southwest Airlines Reports White Mom To Authorities For Having Biracial Daughter

This mom’s family has been in the US for generations, but she was pulled off of her Southwest Airlines flight after having a black child. She says this is racially motivated and that they’re trying to spread fear.

The “what does biracial mean” is a question that many people have been asking. Southwest Airlines was reported to authorities for having a white mom and biracial daughter.

Southwest Airlines reports a white mother for having a mixed-race daughter to the authorities.

on November 5, 2021 by Gary Leff

For the last five years, I’ve been writing about Department of Homeland Security programs that collaborate with airlines and hotel chains to spy on their customers as potential sex traffickers based on a set of behaviors that may apply to anybody.

‘You could be a sex trafficker if…,’ says Jeff Foxworthy. You utilize the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your room door regularly; you have more than one computer or mobile phone; you have photographic equipment; you decline cleaning (if it’s still available); or you pay with gift cards.

At airlines, this presents itself in flight attendants notifying police to hold a husband and wife because the lady is Asian and the male is not, implying that sex trafficking is taking place. “Out of an abundance of caution, our workers are instructed to report any action that is out of the norm,” American Airlines stated at the time.

Southwest Airlines personnel do this as well, such as requesting to view the Facebook photographs of the U.C. Berkeley women’s basketball coach to establish her multiracial kid was hers before to a Denver – Oakland trip. Because apparently sex traffickers aren’t allowed on Facebook, her son’s passport was judged insufficient.

Southwest has made the headlines once again when a flight attendant labeled a white woman and her 10-year-old mixed kid as “suspect.” The mother was suspected of being a sex trafficker.

Mary MacCarthy, 42, told Insider that she and her daughter, Moira, took a Southwest Airlines aircraft from Los Angeles to Denver on October 22 with a connecting connection in San Jose to be with her family after her brother’s tragic death.

When the single mother and her kid arrived at Denver International Airport about 2:30 p.m., they were greeted by two Denver police officers and a Southwest official on the jet bridge… Officers were sent to the airport after a “report of potential Human Trafficking made by Southwest Flight Attendant,” according to a police report from the Denver Police Department.

Southwest had said that

  • During the flight, the mother and daughter did not talk to each other (the young girl was listening to an audiobook and they did speak, just not when the flight attendant was present)
  • The mother “would not allow the youngster to speak to the flight crew” (though she claims she didn’t ban it since the girl was absorbed in… her audiobook).
  • Passengers were “suspiciously late”1 in boarding.

After being “approved to travel” at the airport, things didn’t stop there. A follow-up investigation was conducted, and the lady was contacted again on November 1 owing to “human trafficking suspicions.”

While the report has “disappointed” Southwest Airlines, they say they are “disappointed” by it.

“Our personnel get extensive human trafficking training,” the airline noted. “Above all, Southwest Airlines takes pleasure in making the millions of customers who fly with us each year feel welcome and included.”

The difficulty with asking airline ticket agents to watch out for child trafficking is that they don’t actually know what they’re looking for, even after a fast course, and are more likely to substitute their own preconceptions, assumptions, and life experiences for true facts. The ‘issue’ in this instance was one of race.

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