Disney Fantasy Trip Report: Preparing to Cruise

The Disney Fantasy Cruise is the perfect vacation for families, with its five-star accommodations and entertainment options.

The cruise trip reports are a way to prepare for your cruise. They can help you decide what type of cruise you want, how long you want the cruise to be, and if it is worth it.

It was eventually completed. After years of deliberation, I finally scheduled my first Disney Cruise Line voyage.

What’s the point of a Disney Cruise?


I’ll confess that I’ve always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise. For one thing, I’m a die-hard Disney fan (with that card actually being an annual pass to Walt Disney World).

There’s also the fact that Disney Cruise Line is unlike any other cruise line available. It’s not only the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in all things Disney — which for some people may be a little bit terrifying — but also the real onboard experience, from meals to the renowned service that Disney is recognized for throughout the globe.

So, why are we doing this now? A perfect storm of circumstances conspired to convince me that the moment had come. I performed a Disney-themed podcast interview, which resurrected the concept in my mind.

It was a no-brainer when I did some research and discovered a reasonably priced cruise that included two days at Castaway Cay, the line’s much-lauded private island. During regular times, this itinerary is one of those that sells out quickly.

castaway cay disney cruise line

Castaway Cay is a Disney Cruise Line destination (Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Because I’d never been on a Disney cruise, I’d never been to Castaway Cay, so the chance to visit and spend two days sightseeing was very intriguing.

Disney’s rotating meal plan is another thing I’ve always wanted to experience. Essentially, you choose when you want to eat, and then you are allocated restaurants for each evening’s meal – Fantasy has three distinct dining rooms — and your wait staff accompany you. This is a significant benefit since it means they get to know your preferences and can offer suggestions if necessary.


I contacted my travel agency after studying costs and determining which voyage was ideal for me. I informed her the cruise, room type, and time I wanted to eat. If you’ve ever contemplated (or taken) a Disney cruise, you’re well aware that they’re not inexpensive. However, I want a premium price to be accompanied with a premium experience. And I’m giddy with anticipation of attempting to devour my body weight in crab legs.


I also spent a lot of time reading Scott’s Disney Cruise Line Blog to learn the fundamentals.

I received my stateroom assignment and was ready to start the pre-cruise paperwork within 30 minutes.

Getting a Glimpse of the Pre-Cruise Documentation

I just had to dust out my passport and print out my boarding papers if we were travelling in 2019. Unfortunately, in 2021, things aren’t that easy. To meet Disney’s criteria, you’ll need to tick a few boxes.


Because I already had a Disney account thanks to my yearly ticket to Walt Disney World, I just logged into the dashboard and my reservation appeared on the DCL website.

After inputting the essentials like passport information, emergency contact information, and onboard expenditures, the next step was to establish an account on Disney’s Safe Passage website.


Safe Passage by Inspire Diagnostics is a third-party portal developed by Disney in collaboration with Inspire Diagnostics for the purpose of verifying your immunization card. If you’re traveling with a child under the age of 12, you may purchase a test to complete at home from the website (under the supervision of a health care representative).

The test for children under the age of 12 costs $98.33 per unit, but you are not obliged to purchase from the site; as long as the test is a PCR test, you may obtain it from any independent source. Then, ideally before sailing, you submit your negative result.

You cannot skip the Safe Passage part of the check-in procedure, regardless of your vaccination status; if you do, you will not be permitted to board.

You will get the all-clear after uploading your immunization card or a negative PCR test result, indicating that you are free to go to the port for the embarkation test (which is included in your cruise fare).


The Onboard Experience is being researched.

I have no idea what to anticipate, other than conducting a few interviews with passengers who have cruised on Disney Cruise Line. I’ve heard a lot about Disney’s meticulous attention to detail, and if the theme parks and resorts are any indication, the standard is set high.

The first thing I did was download the Disney Cruise app on my phone. A lot of your pre-cruise information and voyage specifics may be found there.


On the first sea day, I had intended to book Palo, one of the Fantasy’s only two specialized restaurants, for breakfast, but it was already completely booked. I’ve been checking constantly to see if a reservation opens up, particularly since the ship is sailing at a lower capacity.

It occurs all the time with Disney dining in the parks — even at some of the most difficult-to-get locations — so I’m crossing my fingers. But nothing has been found thus far.

This sailing is also a Halloween on the High Seas trip, which should be entertaining since it implies there will be Halloween-themed activities and décor.

Disney Cruise Line’s Expectations

I’ve been looking forward to taking a Disney Cruise for a long time, as I said at the outset. This will, of course, vary from what a Disney cruise would be like before COVID.

Character encounters, for example, have long been linked with Disney – whether at the parks or on cruises. I’ll be curious to see how they manage it on the ships, particularly given the masking and social distance needs.


Under the present conditions, this type of up-close and personal encounter is impossible to provide.

Guests must wear masks “indoors, except while in their cabins or actively eating, drinking, or taking a picture (while stationary and keeping an acceptable physical distance),” according to the Disney website.

Another thing I’m curious about is what it’s like to go on a Disney Cruise as an adult without children.

People have asked me whether they would feel out of place on a Disney cruise ship if they were traveling alone or as an adult couple without children in the past. I suppose we’ll find out together, right?

Everything will be new to me since this is my first Disney cruise.

I’m up for an adventure… and I’m happy you’ve chosen to join us.

The Disney Fantasy Trip Report is a blog post that discusses the preparations for Disney’s new cruise ship, the Disney Fantasy. Reference: us cruises.

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