Cruise Planners’ Michelle Fee Receives Executive of the Year Award at 2021 Travvys

The award was given out at a Travvy’s industry event in Toronto, Canada.

Michelle Fee, the founder and CEO of Cruise Planners, was honored this year with the newly created “Executive of the Year” award at the CruiseWorld industry showcase on November 11 as part of the 7th Annual Travvy Awards, which honors the industry’s best suppliers, destinations, attractions, and more.

Unlike the bulk of the other Travvy awards, the “Executive of the Year” is decided by Northstar Travel Group, the parent company of, rather than by a vote of travel advisers.


Candidates must be able to lead with integrity, enthusiasm, and positivism, as well as have made significant contributions to their company and show the strategic business approach and forward-thinking required in the travel sector.

During the epidemic, Michelle Fee received the honor for her unflinching support for her 2,500 Cruise Planners agents. Cruise Planners created a new virtual series called “Where2Next” under her direction, which reached 18,000+ members and generated $20 million in sales during the epidemic.

Fee also provided twice-weekly livestreams of new information and interactions with suppliers to the agents. At the 2021 Cruise Planners Conference, Cruise Planners also revealed more than twenty new projects.

Fee remarked, “I am sincerely delighted to be the winner of Magazine’s Executive of the Year Award.” “To be honored for this during one of the hardest years in our industry’s history only goes to show that persistence and endurance will get us through any challenge.” I’m really proud of my whole staff, as well as the network of Cruise Planners advisors who work relentlessly with me to bring our amazing business forward every day.”

Fee founded one of the first home-based franchising companies in 1994 after starting her own independent travel agency. Cruise Planners has been able to give its agents with the assistance and resources they need by focusing on technology and marketing. Cruise Planners sells more than half a billion dollars in travel each year and has been named Entrepreneur’s No. 1 Travel Franchise for the eighth year in a row in its Annual Franchise 500.

In addition, Cruise Planners received gold in the area of Best Host Agency, silver in the category of Best Travel Consortium, Cooperative, or Franchise organization, and silver in the field of Best Travel Technology Provider.

Cruise Planners At the 2021 Travvys, Cruise Planners won gold in the Best Host Agency category. (Photo courtesy of Cruise Planners)

Michelle Fee now has the CLIA Hall of Fame Honoree, EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Hospitality and Leisure, Florida Trend’s Florida 500 Most Influential Business Executives in Hospitality, South Florida Business Journal’s 250 Power Leaders, South Florida Business & Wealth’s Distinguished CEO Apogee Award, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year among her awards. Fee is also AmaWaterways’ AmaSerena’s godmother.

“We couldn’t be more proud of Michelle for her unwavering dedication to maintaining Cruise Planners’ industry leadership,” stated Vicky Garcia, COO and Co-Owner of Cruise Planners. “Every day, she knocks through obstacles and strives for excellence with honesty, tenacity, and humor.”

Women in executive roles are uncommon in the travel sector and the rest of the corporate world, accounting for fewer than 30% of all executives. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, women make up 54 percent of the travel and tourism industry’s workforce worldwide. Michelle Fee’s achievements will not only motivate other women to pursue executive positions, but will also highlight the advantages of being a female executive.


When I think of Easter, I remember spending it at my grandmother’s place one year. We ran as quickly as our small legs could carry us to the location behind the backyard wood pile where there was bound to be an egg or two, looking for Easter eggs strewn around the grass. As we searched, we clutched our painted wicker baskets securely, mindful not to drop anything over the basket’s edge and onto the grass.

My father then forced Rebe and me to pose on a bed of bluebells. We sat there in our pastel dresses and tights, oblivious to the fact that we were being shot. After all, there were Easter eggs filled with goodies. We were accustomed to posing for photos as the offspring of an on-air news reporter and overall nostalgia buff. We swiftly got into a side-by-side posture on the ground and grinned instead of dragging things out with objections. As soon as Dad was satisfied with the shot, we sprang to our feet, tiptoed out of the bluebells, and raced for our chocolate eggs.

Today’s Easter egg cake recipe is just the right bit of festive while being completely traditional. Also, take a look at those beautiful, thick vanilla cake layers. The enclosing chocolate buttercream slices are just as seductive. A spun sugar nest with chocolate Easter eggs stands atop the cake. It’s completely edible, and it’s not difficult to create at all.


What is the best way to bake an Easter egg cake?

This Easter cake with a spun sugar nest seems to be rather elaborate, but it’s really quite simple to create. The essential procedures for creating this cake are as follows: 

Make the cake layers — This Easter egg cake is made up of three vanilla cake layers. It’s as easy as mixing everything together and baking it! 

Make the buttercream frosting – The chocolate buttercream isn’t difficult to make. Before you begin beating the butter, make sure it is at room temperature; otherwise, it will not become light and fluffy. The buttercream should also be made using unsweetened cocoa powder. 

Make the spun sugar nest — This is the one portion of this Easter cake recipe that is little difficult, but I assure you can do it! To create a spun sugar nest, combine sugar and water in a small pot and cook until the sugar becomes a wonderful golden brown hue. Remove the sugar mixture from the heat and set it aside to cool for a minute or two, or until a fork dipped in it clings to the sugar and you can draw it out in a long, continuous stream. Pour the sugar into a greased basin and let it aside to cool before gently removing the nest. 

See? So simple! Leave a comment below if you have any questions about preparing this Easter egg cake or the spun sugar next. 


Do you want to start baking? This cake recipe was created in collaboration with Dixie Crystals, so go here to view the entire story on their website!

PS. You could make this cake even more amazing by sprinkling rainbow sprinkles on top and calling it a birthday cake.

More Easter treats may be found at: 

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Dixie Crystals is a sponsor of this content. All of my views are entirely my own.

Sheryl Suzanne Crow

Sheryl Crow quotes about persistence, wisdom, seeking the perfect song, suffering with breast cancer, family life, and more.

“Rather of going where the route may go, go where there isn’t one and create a trail.”

“It’s not about getting what you want, but about wanting what you already have.”

“Making miracles is difficult work, and most people give up long before they occur.”

“There will be hurdles if you are striving to accomplish anything.” They’ve happened to me, and they’ve happened to everyone. Obstacles, on the other hand, do not have to stop you. Don’t turn back and quit up if you hit a brick wall. Determine if you can climb it, pass through it, or work around it.”

“When you let go of your picture of how things should be, the world usually provides you with precisely what you need.”

“We speak about defining events, but I don’t believe you can be defined by anything. They’re all moments of refinement. You’re always working to improve yourself and your life.”

“You simply take one day at a time because life is so rich.”

“That we all have the ability to spark a change movement.” That the part of us that intuitively springs up from compassion is the finest part of us.”

“There’s nothing like remorse to make you realize you’re still alive.”

“We may gain wisdom in three ways: first, by meditation, which is the greatest technique; second, by imitation, which is the simplest approach; and third, by experience, which is the most painful.”

“The cheapest energy is the energy that isn’t used at all.”

“Let’s face it, life is a never-ending struggle. It’s full of unanticipated twists that only you can figure out.”

“Every record company in L.A. turned me down.” Three-quarters of the game is perseverance. Talent is merely a part of the equation. Being able to resist the word “no” on a regular basis might help you develop a strong skin. At the very least, I knew if I simply continued at it, I’d grow better at my skill.”

“Wildflowers will bloom in the midst of nowhere, no matter how chaotic it is.”

“It can’t be that horrible if it makes you happy.”

“It’s these key moments, these turning points, that introduce you to yourself.” I believe that it is through these tiny or large catastrophic occurrences in your life that you meet yourself.”

“If you want beautiful eyes, search for the good in others; if you want beautiful lips, use only kind words; and if you want poise, walk with the certainty that you’re never alone.”

“Respect is quite important. Respect for the environment, as well as appreciating and loving the organism that keeps us all alive. Also, strive to make every choice with compassion in mind, which includes how you treat the earth and each individual.”

“My writing approach is very much the same every time — it’s a lonely experience for me.”

“Music, art, and literature offer us a sense of who we are, our past, and our future, and they should bring some kind of consolation.” It’s not only entertainment for the sake of enjoyment; it’s a financial investment.”

“When you let go of the tale you’re telling, it often opens up a whole new realm for other things to come in.”

“I believe that everything you write does not have to be excellent for everyone. Certain of the things I write will anger some people, especially my parents. Then there will be individuals who will be drawn in because of the sharpness of some things.”

“Most authors want to remain anonymous in some way.”

“Musicians have a lot of integrity; you still want to improve and be excellent, to be the greatest version of yourself you can be.”

“I suppose the idea in myself that the finest stuff is yet to come is what keeps me pursuing the perfect music.” As you cross through the next gateway, you have a sense that the next thing you write will be more open and honest.”

“As you grow older, your work changes by virtue of the fact that you’re ideally acquiring knowledge and you’re beginning to see things from a different perspective.”

“People go through difficult times when they lose loved ones and their lives are endangered by disease and genuine sadness. They do, however, make it through. And it is a tribute to the human soul, that we are both vulnerable and heavenly.”

“This year, I’ll be one of the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m inspired by the courageous women who have gone before me in this fight, and I’m thankful for the love and support of my family and friends.”

“Being diagnosed with cancer made me realize that anybody may get cancer and that we don’t have control over our life, even if we believe we do.”

“It took being diagnosed with cancer for me to learn that happiness is something I had to work on for myself.”

“I strive to keep a sense of lightness in my life.”

“Don Henley phoned one night, and I told him I was cleaning dishes in cycle shorts.” ‘The greatest inspiration may be found in the domestic exercises of life,’ he added. And he was absolutely correct.”

“There’s nothing I can do about regrets, so I don’t spend much time thinking about them.”

“I had the luxury of falling down and getting back up as a stronger version of myself a few times.”

“I’ve been around for quite some time.” I didn’t get there till I was much older. I went through a time when women weren’t being signed, especially if they were composing lyrically driven songs.”

“I have a golden Lab that follows me around everywhere. “He’s an excellent leveler.”

“I believe I was holding to a mental image of how things was meant to be.” I loved the concept of everything falling into a lovely order: you meet someone great, you marry, you buy a home, and you have children. But it’s pointless to hang on to that image if it doesn’t turn out to be true for you. It makes life more constrained. As a result, I made the decision to be open to whatever came my way.”

“Are you capable of becoming my man?”

“I feel grounded and comfortable in understanding the sequence of things at this stage in my life.” ‘I stink as a parent; I can’t do anything properly,’ I’ve thought on occasion. But, in the end of the day, nothing compares to family. “I’m very fortunate.”

“When you have children, your priorities shift dramatically. Consistency seemed to me to be the most vital factor.”

“I’m not dead,” says the narrator. I mean, I’m not dead, even if I’m growing older!”

“I don’t set too many objectives for myself, but I’m constantly striving to create that one fantastic song,” she says.

“Everyone gets high, and everyone gets down; these are the days when anything may happen.”

The sponge cake is a classic, fluffy Italian pastry dish that is one of the most adaptable and easy to make at home. Unlike a typical cake, this moist sponge cake recipe uses a lot of beaten eggs instead of baking powder or baking soda. In truth, flour, eggs, and sugar are the main components.

The eggs must be fresh and beaten for a long period with an electric whisk at room temperature; this will result in a high, soft, and spongy cake without the addition of baking powder, as tradition dictates. The use of a weak flour, such as all-purpose flour, combined with a little amount of potato starch (or cornstarch), would result in a dough that is less elastic – due to the lack of baking powder – and a final product that is even softer and alveolate.

Sponge cake is a culinary delight; you can layer it with custard or ganache, use it to make a delectable trifle, or use it to create more intricate cakes for parties and special occasions. There are many other variations, such as the egg-free sponge cake and even the savory one, which can be loaded with meats and cheeses and is great for appetizers and wonderful aperitifs, as with many classic sweets.

At this point, all you have to do is attempt our tried-and-true recipe; we can’t promise it’ll be simple, but we can guarantee the end result. You may let it cool before stuffing it with creams, jams, and other wonderful fillings, or you can eat it straight out of the oven, soaking in a cup of hot milk for a memorable morning.

Origins of Sponge Cake

Despite its apparent simplicity, it may conceal a number of traps. In truth, this recipe, which most cooks despise, first debuted in the Berlin school’s stringent pastry chef certification program in 1855.

The sponge cake was created in Madrid, but thanks to a Ligurian chef, Giovan Battista Cabona, who, for a banquet in the Spanish capital, created a light and fluffy cake with the same ingredients as the Piedmontese Savoyard; this delicacy was so well received by the royal family that it was first dubbed “pan Genoise” (Genoa bread), after its creator.

How to Make the Best Sponge Cake

If you’re not sure about the egg whipping, sprinkle a teaspoon of baking powder into the flour with the flour.

To avoid sponge cakes from shrinking or coming apart midway through baking, use tiny amounts of eggs.

Allow the sponge cake to cool completely before covering or wrapping it, since the moisture trapped within will cause the top to become sticky.

Other tastes, such as orange peel or vanilla essence, may be substituted for lemon if desired. You may also make a chocolate sponge cake by adding cocoa powder.

Read our advice on avoiding errors for a completely faultless finish.

How to Keep Sponge Cake Fresh

In a suitable food bag, the sponge cake may be kept at room temperature for 4-5 days. It may be frozen whole or in slices for up to a month.

Sponge Cake: A Step-by-Step Guide


Collect the eggs in a basin or the bowl of a stand mixer once they have been shelled (1).


The granulated sugar (2) is added next, followed with the grated lemon zest.


Start whipping at full speed with the electric whips (3). Add a tablespoon of lemon juice after a minute and continue to work for at least 15 minutes.


Sift the flour in the meanwhile (4).


When the dough has quadrupled in size, it should be golden in color and creamy and frothy in consistency, rather than liquid (5).


Add the sifted flour at this stage (6).


To prevent fracturing the mixture, add one spoonful at a time and mix from the bottom up (7).


Continue until all of the flour has been used up (8).


Pour the dough into an oiled and floured 22 cm diameter pan (9).


Gently distribute the dough so that it does not break (10).


Bake the sponge cake for around 50 minutes at 340° F, without opening the oven for the first 40 minutes (11).


Turn off the oven and slowly open it once the baking time has passed, allowing the sponge cake to cool within for a few minutes. When it is entirely cool, remove it from the oven (12).

The Caribbean is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, which are as ubiquitous as air and sunlight. A beach must have a certain appeal or unique character that is frequently indescribable, but unmistakable and compelling to be considered one of the greatest in the area.

Many of these beaches may be found in the US Virgin Islands. The incredible variety that distinguishes the territory’s three major islands — St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas — extends to the beaches.


The US Virgin Islands, from awe-inspiring blue-water places deep inside verdant mountain valleys to miles-long expanses of white sand in pristine national parks, provide some of the best beaches in the world, let alone the Caribbean.

While all have magnificent blue seas and smooth white dunes, ten stand out from the others, with almost dream-like natural beauty and appeal, as well as a unique taste and orientation. Here is our ranking of the top ten beaches in the US Virgin Islands:

St. John’s Cinnamon Bay Beach

Cinnamon Bay Beach, one of St. John’s longest beaches, offers snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and other watersports, making it ideal for active travelers. Visitors may tour the ancient beachside Danish structure, which holds a temporary museum showing some of the National Park Service’s archaeological finds from digs in the region, which is situated inside the Virgin Islands National Park. Travelers may also hike the half-mile Cinnamon Bay Trail, which is shaded for lengthy parts by coconut palms and sea grape trees.

St. John’s Beach, Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay Beach, St John, US Virgin Islands St. John’s Trunk Bay Beach, US Virgin Islands (picture courtesy of cdwheatley/E+)

This is St. John’s most popular beach, not least because of its stunning beauty. A natural paradise is created by a quarter-mile of silky white powdery sand, towering coconut trees, and azure blue sea. The beach at Trunk Bay, which is also part of the Virgin Islands National Park, has a self-guided underwater snorkeling route with underwater signs that provide information on coral formations and marine life. A snack bar/grill, souvenir store, showers, bathrooms, public telephones, and lifeguards are all available.

St. John’s Salt Pond Beach

The crescent-shaped bay’s shallow water beach has good exposure to the sun and soothing breezes. The sheltered cove is reached through a modest trek from the main road, but it is well worth the effort since the lovely white-sand beach provides great swimming.

Trunk Bay also has some of the best snorkeling in the area, with spots like a rock hump in the bay’s middle and sea grass beds frequented by sea turtles, rays, and huge hermit crabs. Salt Pond is also close to a number of hiking and tourist routes.

St. John’s Honeymoon Bay Beach

Honeymoon Bay, which is also part of the Virgin Islands National Park, is accessible by boat and hiking route and has silky white beaches, shallow seas ideal for snorkeling, and towering coconut palm trees for shelter. The beach is one of the island’s great treasures, although it may become crowded when cruise ships dock and during the peak winter season, so prepare ahead. A watersports shack has just been erected, where beachgoers may hire kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, as well as masks, fins, and beach chairs.

St. Thomas’ Hull Bay Beach

Hull Bay Beach is a popular fishing and surfing spot in the area. When there is a north swell, this beach is reputed to provide the greatest surfing on St. Thomas. It is not as vast as other surrounding beaches on the island’s north side, but since sunbathers flock to those other stretches of sand, tourists will have no trouble finding a space to spread out.

Due to its pristine and usually quiet waters (in the absence of the north wave), the beach is a popular choice for families. Sea grape trees cover the beach and give shade during the day, and the beach is also one of the few places where night snorkeling is recommended.

Off the beach, there’s a diving and watersports store, as well as a complete bar and restaurant that presents live music and entertainment on a regular basis.

St. Thomas’ Magen’s Bay Beach

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas in US Virgin Islands Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (photo by Lauren Breedlove)

This is the most popular beach on the most visited of the US Virgin Islands, which should alert discerning tourists to stay away from the beach and its alleged crowds. Even when cruise ships are in port, the site — in a heart-shaped sheltered harbor surrounded by verdant hills — makes this a must-see destination.

Arthur Fairchild dedicated the one-mile beach to the Virgin Islands as a public park. The ocean is normally tranquil, and the sand is as smooth as any seen across the Caribbean.

A shack right off the beach rents beach chairs, floats, paddleboards, and kayaks, while a snack bar provides burgers, pizzas, and other fast meals. Every day, lifeguards are on duty, and there are two nature paths just off the beach.

St. Croix’s Jack’s Bay Beach

This is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a beach that is off the main path. A wildlife sanctuary protects Hawksbill and Green Turtle nests at Jack’s Bay Beach, which is only accessible by foot or boat.

Parrot fish, blue tangs, four-eyed butterfly fish, and sergeant majors are among the 400 kinds of fish that inhabit the neighboring coral reefs. The conservancy invites visitors to study turtle behavior and the landscape around Jack’s Bay on guided hikes designed to educate visitors and collect funds to support turtle monitoring and protection programs. Beach access may be limited during some periods of turtle nesting season, and the conservancy invites visitors to study turtle behavior and the landscape around Jack’s Bay on guided hikes designed to educate visitors and collect funds to support turtle monitoring and protection programs.

St. Croix’s Judith’s Fancy Beach

Okay, we’ll admit it: the name is part of the beach’s allure. ANY beach named “Judith’s Fancy Beach” appeals to us, and in this instance, the moniker is associated with a very wonderful setting. The white sand beach at Judith’s Fancy is ideal for surfing, and snorkelers may explore the neighboring coral when the tide is out. This beach is great for swimming, but it’s also a great spot for finding coral and shells washed up on the coast.

St. Croix’s Sandy Point Beach

This three-mile beach, which is part of the 380-acre Sandy Point Wildlife Preserve, is the longest in the United States Virgin Islands. The beach is located on the southwest end of St. Croix, just south of Frederiksted, and is a critical nesting habitat for the endangered leatherback turtle. During the turtle-nesting season, which runs from March to August, the beach may be closed.

While the beach’s tree line begins considerably farther back from the ocean than most other beaches in St. Croix, the long, broad expanse of pure white sand gives a remarkable picture. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the gravel access road leading to the beach is open.

Turtle Beach, US Virgin Islands Turtle Beach in the US Virgin Islands has crystal clear water (photo Courtesy of USVI)

St. Croix’s Turtle Beach

Buck Island is home to the stunning Turtle Beach. Travelers may unwind on the white sand beach or take advantage of the fantastic snorkeling opportunities. Underwater markers guide snorkelers around the reef on the snorkel route. Turtle Beach is a peaceful, relaxing place to spend the day.

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My family and I had the pleasure of visiting Rhode Island the other weekend. We strolled into town one morning, passing an ice cream stand, a corner store, a sandwich shop, and the town green. Vendors were setting up shop on the green that day, selling arts and crafts, vegetables, and trinkets.

Huge ruby stalks rested on an adjacent table, beckoning my name as I browsed. They were the brightest crimson rhubarb stalks I’d ever seen. It was just a matter of time until I got them. So I grabbed the table’s two largest stalks and took out my wallet. I spent the whole weekend conjuring up new rhubarb recipes before settling on these Rhubarb Bars. The cream cheese shortbread crust is more like a cookie than a shortbread, and it serves as a thick foundation for the light curd above. Bright, lemony, and sweet, the curd is a delight. The rhubarb shows through, melting on your tongue with its bouncy flavor.

They’re the ideal snack size, but be careful. In two days, my stepfather ate roughly ten.

How to make rhubarb bars

Make the cream cheese shortbread foundation using room temperature ingredients — Before creaming the butter and cream cheese together, let them come to room temperature. This will make it easy to combine the shortbread crust and give it a much better texture. 

Choose thinner, red rhubarb stalks – When buying rhubarb at the supermarket or at a farmer’s market, look for stalks that are primarily red and thinner. The sweetness of these stalks will be superior than the thick green ones. 

Chill the rhubarb bars – Just like lemon bars, these rhubarb bars must be chilled fully before cutting into them. Sorry for the inconvenience, but these bars need some time to establish correctly. 


How can you keep rhubarb bars fresh?

These rhubarb bars should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If kept properly, they should last up to a week! If you’re serving these rhubarb bars at a party, place the serving dish on top of an ice-filled baking sheet to keep them as chilly as possible (at least if you’re serving them outdoors). 

If you have any concerns regarding how to make these tart rhubarb bars, please let me know! 



To make the rhubarb puree, combine all of the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth

  • 3 cups rhubarb, diced
  • 1 pound of sugar
  • 1 cup of water

To make the cream cheese shortbread, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt in

  • 5 oz cream cheese (low-fat)
  • a half-cup of unsalted butter
  • a third cup of sugar
  • a half teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon extract de vanille
  • a third cup of flour

To make the rhubarb curd, combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

  • 4 eggs
  • a quarter cup of sugar
  • 1 cup pureed rhubarb
  • red dye
  • vanilla extract (two tablespoons)
  • lemon juice (three tablespoons)
  • 1 lemon’s zest
  • a half teaspoon of salt
  • flour (1/2 cup)


  1. Combine chopped rhubarb, sugar, and water in a medium saucepan and cook for 10-12 minutes over medium heat, or until the rhubarb is fully broken down. Puree the contents in a blender until it is completely smooth. Remove from the equation.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Set aside a 9×13 baking dish lined with parchment paper.
  3. Cream the butter, cream cheese, sugar, salt, and vanilla extract in a standing mixer equipped with a whisk attachment until light and frothy, approximately 2 minutes. Reduce the mixer’s speed to low and add the flour.
  4. The dough should be firmly pressed into the bottom of the baking dish and evenly distributed to the sides. 15 minutes in the oven
  5. Make the rhubarb curd while the shortbread is baking! Except for the flour, whisk together all of the ingredients in a large mixing basin. Use as much red dye as you like, but keep in mind that the color may fade somewhat when cooking. Whisk in the flour once the mixture has been well combined.
  6. Place the rhubarb curd on top of the cream cheese shortbread and bake for another 20 minutes to allow the rhubarb to set.
  7. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before cutting and dusting with powdered sugar!

Desserts with rhubarb from: 

Tea Cakes with Rhubarb and Almonds

Scones with white chocolate, raspberry, and rhubarb

Rhubarb Honey Cake with Almonds

Bakewell Tart with Strawberry and Rhubarb

Donuts with a Rhubarb-Orange Glaze

Speak Like Millionaire

I believe that if you want to be great at business, you must first be better at life. To put it another way, simply be a better guy or woman and see what happens.

I don’t know many entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic, patient, optimistic, appreciative, healthy, nice, hardworking, loyal, responsible, ethical, and level-headed… who are having difficulty putting food on the table Do you think so?

No, I don’t believe so.

So, with that stated, what’s one of the things I’ve been attempting to improve on? Is taking pride in the words that come out of my lips.

Simply simply, I’d want to communicate with honesty.

And, in order to accomplish so, I’ve concluded that the following nine items must be eliminated:

  1. Gossiping.
  2. Judging.
  3. Being pessimistic.
  4. Complaining.
  5. Excuses are being made.
  6. Lying.
  7. Being a closed-minded person.
  8. Explaining.
  9. Apologizing.

Come along with me. You’ll notice how difficult it is immediately away.

The aforementioned are the topics of most informal chats.

What’s more, guess what?

It’s not just petty, worthless talk… but it also makes you seem horrible. And no, you don’t get a pass since it was brought up by Kim and Kyle. You’re all to blame. Even if you simply nodded and didn’t contribute anything to it. It’s like seeing a child being bullied and not intervening — it’s sad.

You’ve all lost your power, your trust, and your respect.

When they’re not present, everyone knows you’ll backstab them – or talk in the same, weak manner.

That’s not cool. Not really a millionaire.

So get rid of these nine no-nos. What’s left are words you don’t mind the rest of the world hearing.

Watch This Video-