Remember to Garden Your Reservations After You Book Them

When you book a reservation, don’t forget to leave space for your pet. It’s the last thing we want to do when we’re so excited about our trip and can’t wait to get there.

When you book a hotel, make sure to remember to garden your reservations after you book them. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy your vacation.。



After you’ve made your reservations, don’t forget to garden them.

on November 28, 2021 by Gary Leff

One of the most crucial things you can do after purchasing an airline ticket is to “garden” your reservations, particularly if you are planning a long trip.

I use Nicholas Kralev’s phrase “gardening” to describe how I look after the reservations, checking in on them and doing small upkeep.

The following are some of the most typical things that happen to reservations between the time of purchase and travel:

  • Schedule changes may result in connecting flights with insufficient time to connect, or upgrade requests may be dropped from reservations.
  • A schedule change, particularly one involving partner airlines on an award ticket, may need a reprint of a ticket to match your reservation.
  • Changes in aircraft may result in downgraded cabins or the loss of seat allocations.
  • Seats can vanish: Seats may vanish for no obvious reason, or because you’ve been given a bassinet seat and aren’t flying with a baby, or because you’re in a luxury seat that your status or ticket may not entitle you to.

Everything’s much preferable to have it done ahead of time than to attempt to check in for your trip. When there are more seats left unassigned in the cabin, it’s best to have seat assignments done early.

I think it’s important to double-check a booking shortly after you make it to make sure everything went well — are the passenger names correct? Is it possible to allocate seats? Is the booking visible to a partner airline and seems to be ready for travel? Scroll through your bookings at least once a month if the reservation is for a future date. Repeat the process a few days before your trip.

  1. Checking your reservation as soon as possible will ensure that it was booked for the proper date and flights. It’s also a good idea to double-check that you have not just a confirmed reservation, but also ticket numbers (your tickets were issued) and that any partner airlines you’ll be flying with can see those ticket numbers (so they know your booking is ready to go and won’t cancel it).
  2. Checking your reservation between the time of booking and the time of travel can detect any issues early, when there’s a fair possibility that alternative choices — such as substitute flights or seats — may be available.
  3. Finally, double-checking your bookings ahead of time will reveal any issues with a reservation when there is still time to resolve it and you aren’t pressed for time due to a looming departure.

One of the many features I appreciate about Award Wallet is that it not only updates your frequent flyer account balances, but it also takes your itinerary and compares them to identify changes. They’ll send you an email if anything on your itinerary changes, such as flight schedule, level of service, seat assignment, or aircraft type. This acts as an early warning system, particularly if you fail to take care of your bookings ahead of time.

You may establish a free Expert Flyer seat alert for the seat you’re allocated to if you’re concerned about losing your seat assignment. Although this may not appear if you have relocated so that someone else might take it, Award Wallet’s searches should find it.

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