The 10 Most Christmassy Towns in America

The Christmas spirit knows no bounds and the best way to celebrate is by exploring a different country. Here are 10 most Christmassy Towns in America with tips on where you should go if you want to enjoy this holiday season as much as they do.

The “23 most magical christmas towns” is a list of the cities in America with the best Christmas traditions.

Your most burning Christmas question has finally been answered! To determine the top ten most Christmassy places in the United States, NextVacay analyzed Google search data, Instagram postings, and demographic and weather data.

The towns were ranked by Christmas Spirit, or the percentage increase in searches for each destination over the previous year; Average Snowfall, with a higher score given to those destinations with more snowfall; and Average Snowfall, with a higher score given to those destinations with more snowfall. Coziness, which considers the number of posts in which the town name was hashtagged with the term “Christmas,” and Instragrammability, which considers the number of posts in which the town name was hashtagged with the word “Christmas.” Towns having Christmas markets get extra points.


Leavenworth, Christmas, Washington Leavenworth, Washington is a town in the state of Washington. (picture courtesy of NextVacay)

Leavenworth, Washington is number one.

It’s no surprise that Leavenworth, Washington, is America’s most Christmassy town. The town is built to seem like a Bavarian hamlet and decorates with 21 kilometres of Christmas lights during the holiday season. It’s quite popular on Instagram and has a variety of festive activities, including a reindeer farm, a Christmas market, and even an annual sledding tournament. It also gets 96 inches of snow on average each year!

Mystic, Connecticut is number two.

Mystic is known for its pizza, but it is also highly festive around the holidays. This little town has aced the homey winter appeal people adore this time of year with a Christmas market, thirty-eight local Christmas tree farms, a lantern light tour, and boats decked with Christmas lights. Every year, Mystic receives 27 inches of snow.

Woodstock, Vermont is number three on the list.

Woodstock, Vermont is the third most Christmassy town in the United States. This town offers lots to enjoy during the holidays, including the Billings Farm, a local holiday favorite, with 67.6 inches of snow every year, a vibrant Christmas market, and traditional Christmas decorations.

Boston (Massachusetts) is number four on the list.

Despite being the first big city on the list, Boston has a high Instagrammability score and has a huge Christmas market, 35 neighboring Christmas tree farms, and averages 43.8 inches of snow each winter. The New England Christmas Festival, a seasonal favorite among residents, is also held there.

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New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New

Because of its huge size and population, the Big Apple loses some points in coziness, but it makes up for it in Instagrammability and Christmas markets. Who wouldn’t want to ride in a horse-drawn carriage around Central Park in the wintertime, when the city is decked up in dazzling lights and other festive decorations? It also gets 28.5 inches of snow each year, allowing tourists to appreciate a more tranquil side of New York.

New Hope, Pennsylvania (No. 6)

New Hope is the sixth most festive town in the United States. It has a strong feeling of festive happiness, as well as a classic Christmas market, and it rates highly on Instagram. It’s also the home of the North Pole Express, and it gets 22 inches of snow each year.

East Aurora, New York (#7)

Because to its Healthy Zone Ice Rink, East Aurora, New York is the eighth most Christmassy town in America, with 116 inches of yearly snowfall, the most of any city on the list! This village is ideal for all kinds of outdoor winter activities, such as building snowmen.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (#8)

Bethlehem, named after the seventh most Christmassy town in America, is a charming, photogenic town with a fantastic Christkindlmarket. Every year, the town receives over 30 inches of snow.

Big Bear Lake, California (number 9)

Big Bear Lake, the lone California town on our list, has a famed City Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and receives an average of 52.7 inches of snowfall each winter. It also has its own Christmas market, which is open to both residents and tourists.

Vail, Colorado (No. 10)

Vail, which is ranked eighth, excels in both comfort and Instagrammability. It also has a Kris Kringle Market for locals and tourists to enjoy, as well as a yearly snowfall of 108 inches, making it a popular ski resort destination.

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The “best places to visit during christmas in usa 2021” is a list of the 10 most Christmassy towns in America.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most Christmassy town in the US?

A: The most Christmassy town in the United States is probably Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Where is the most magical place to spend Christmas?

A: The most magical place to spend Christmas is likely in your own home with family and friends.

What town is Christmas all year round?

A: Christmas is all year round in the Norseland town.

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