Sixth Largest US Cruise Homeport Estimates 285 Ship Calls For 2022

The US cruise industry is the sixth-largest in the world, with over 285 ship calls expected to be made annually by 2022. These immense numbers are supported by a continually increasing domestic and international tourist market for cruising.

The “cruise line news” is a cruise company that is the sixth largest in the US. The company estimates 285 ship calls for 2022.

New Orleans has long been a popular cruise port; with river tours on the Mississippi River and ocean-going cruise ships cruising the Caribbean and Bahamas, the port has grown to become the United States’ sixth busiest cruise port.

The port aims to have fully recovered from the epidemic by 2022, with major cruise lines already planning hundreds of ship stops. The possibilities are endless with American Queen Steamboat Company and American Cruise Lines, Carnival, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

It’s Only the Beginning of the Great Comeback

On November 21, Norwegian Breakaway joined Carnival Glory and Carnival Valor, expanding the number of cruise choices from New Orleans. Carnival Glory sailed for the first time from New Orleans on September 19, and Carnival Valor started earlier this month, on November 2. Norwegian Breakaway was operational in New York prior to her deployment in New Orleans, while Carnival Glory sailed for the first time from New Orleans on September 19, and Carnival Valor started earlier this month, on November 2.

Norwegian Breakaway in New OrleansBreakaway from Norway in New Orleans (Norwegian Cruise Line provided this image.)

In March of this year, river cruises resumed from New Orleans, with the American Queen Steamboat Company and American Cruise Lines sailing the Mississippi River. Carnival began operations in September of this year, Norwegian followed suit last week, and Disney is set to return in February of next year, indicating that ocean cruises are finally gaining traction.

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In 2022, Port NOLA expects to witness at least 285 cruise ship departures, bringing the total number of passengers to approximately 1 million. The local economy benefits greatly from cruise ship traffic:

“We are happy that ocean-going cruises are returning, after the successful reintroduction of river cruises nine months ago,” said Port NOLA President and CEO Brandy D. Christian. “The state and neighboring economies rely heavily on cruises from the Port of New Orleans. Our cruise passengers alone spend more than $125 million in our city, accounting for more than 300,000 hotel room nights.”

The advantages are obvious, and they are projected to grow in the coming years. The sixth-largest cruise port in the United States, demand for Caribbean and Mississippi River itineraries is on the rise.

Carnival Glory in New OrleansNew Orleans’ Carnival Glory (Photo Courtesy: Port NOLA)

The majority of passengers departing from New Orleans are from out of state, and they frequently combine their cruise with a visit to the city’s historical core. While the port saw 1.2 million tourists in 2019, the current forecast of 1 million passengers sailing from the port indicates that the region is rebounding significantly.

Taking a River Cruise and an Ocean Cruise at the Same Time

The Port of New Orleans is well-positioned to provide something that few other ports in the United States can: river and ocean cruises.

Whether it’s an iconic paddleboat cruise with the American Queen Steamboat Company or a river cruise exploring the Mississippi River on one of American Cruise Line’s modern river cruise ships, guests will have even more options next year when Viking River Cruises brings the Viking Mississippi to New Orleans.

New Orleans Cruise Port

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The advent of the Norwegian Breakaway has boosted the number of ocean cruise choices for New Orleans. Until April of next year, the 3,963-passenger Norwegian Breakaway offers seven-day trips to the Caribbean.

From February, the Disney Wonder will sail four-, five-, and six-night cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean from New Orleans. This is in addition to Carnival Cruise Line’s 2,980-passenger Carnival Glory and 2,974-passenger Carnival Valor, which sail a range of Caribbean trips.

Cruise Ships in New Orleans

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The “canada cruise” is the sixth largest US cruise homeport estimates for 2022. The port of Miami, Florida is expected to see 285 ship calls in 2022.

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