New Marriott Hotel “The Socialist” Where All Guests Are Comrades

The “the marriott hotel” is a new Marriott Hotel that opened in London. The hotel features a restaurant, bar and lounge that are all open to the public. Guests of the hotel are encouraged to wear their best socialist attire while staying at the property.

The social experiment of a hotel with rooms that can be rented out on Airbnb or put up for free has been deemed “The Socialist” by the owners, who claim it will offer guests an opportunity to live in community and learn about socialism. The one-of-a-kind project is part of Marriott’s larger commitment to create more sustainable hotels around the world.


The Socialist, a new Marriott Hotel where all guests are comrades

on November 21, 2021 by Gary Leff

Is it really any surprise that Marriott has added a hotel to its Tribute Portfolio brand named “The Socialist” in Copenhagen, given how far they’ve gone to placate the Chinese Communist Party?

The building’s front, with its strong concrete walls, seems like a contemporary interpretation of Soviet architecture.

The resort is hardly egalitarian, with just 31 rooms and fees that regularly surpass $350 per night. And, given that North Korea’s Air Koryo sells business class, this hotel should provide four distinct service levels (from rooms to suites) and “special access to the surrounding cities.”

“Within lies an interior of beautiful materiality,” the website says, clearly referring to dialectical materialism. By remaining in a class aware property while advocating for socialism, you are exacerbating capitalism’s problems.

Is the redesigned Herman K hotel going to be a place where status matters? Perhaps it’s Bonvoy, which treats its members like comrades while still failing to uphold elite perks elsewhere? Is it appropriate to tip cleaning (if the hotel pays them a livable wage)? According to one recent report,

The Plat[inum elite] breakfast consisted of coffee or(!) juice, two eggs any way you want them, toast (not sure whether fries were included), and a lovely dish of fruit and berries. It appeared sparse at first, but we kept picking the same choice and ended up just paying for coffee and juice (real, pressed orange juice).

Despite Bernie Sanders’ preference for Northern European-style welfare states, this is AOC socialism, not the Vermont Senator’s 1988 trip to the Soviet Union with his new bride. Of course, this isn’t the first time a hotel has dabbled with socialism. Che Guevara’s portrait was formerly displayed as art at the W South Beach.

Guevara was a key figure in the establishment of Cuba’s secret police and forced labor camps, as well as the killing of thousands of political detainees and the torture of others (including children). He dubbed himself “Stalin II” (despite the fact that he believed Soviet authoritarianism went too far and favored North Korea as a model). Associating with Guevara, however, makes one fashionable, trendy, and somehow ‘in’ on the postmodern joke… like Argentines who took to wearing a Che t-shirt that stated “Tengo la remera del Che y no sé por qué” years ago.

The Socialist is a Marriott Bonvoy category 7 redemption facility, at least until next year, when reward charts will be phased out in an attempt to abolish class marks across all Marriott-branded hotels.

(Image courtesy of @GUWonder)

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