“If You Act Out Of Line, You’ll Wait In Line” TSA To Pull PreCheck From Unruly Passengers

The TSA has not yet announced when PreCheck will be removed from the list of people who are entitled to expedited screening. They say that a decision on this action is coming soon but it’s unclear as to what they mean by “soon.”

The “did h.r. 6265 become law” is a new law that will be enforced by the TSA for unruly passengers who act out of line.



“You’ll have to wait in line if you act out of line.” Unruly passengers will be denied PreCheck by the TSA.

on December 21, 2021 by Gary Leff

The FAA and TSA have formed a new cooperation in which those who get penalties for misbehaving would have their PreCheck privileges withdrawn. “If you behave out of line, you will wait in line,” says the FAA Administrator.

Under a new cooperation between the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration, unruly airline customers may face further sanctions for their poor conduct (FAA).

Under the terms of the agreement, the FAA will exchange information on passengers facing penalties for disorderly behavior with TSA, which will then be able to remove the passenger from TSA PreCheck screening eligibility, which is a low-risk traveler benefit.

‘Facing penalties’ basically indicates that a flier has been charged with improper conduct, but there has yet to be a finding that he or she has done anything illegal.

Make no mistake about it: there should be consequences for aggressive conduct on a plane (as there should be anywhere). There should be consequences for forcing an aircraft to divert, which incurs major expenditures for the airline and causes severe disruption to other customers. These sanctions should be both civil and criminal in nature. They should also be open to judicial scrutiny.

However, it seems that the PreCheck program has being abused. PreCheck entails pre-screening a passenger and recognizing them as a low-risk traveler.

It simply implies that a traveler,

  • They are not required to remove their shoes.
  • Doesn’t have to take their liquids out of their carry-on to be screened separately
  • And instead of a nude-o-scope, it may go through a metal detector.

There’s no evidence that causing an inflight disruption without completing a terrorist act increases the likelihood of attempting to be a shoe bomber on a subsequent flight or attempting to transport explosive liquids past a security checkpoint. In reality, the reverse is most likely true. An aspiring terrorist is unlikely to want to attract attention to an in-flight incident before attempting to do anything more nefarious aboard a plane.

“The individual is a danger to the aircraft, thus they’re not a reduced security threat,” you may argue, but they’re less of a threat (or definitely not any less of a threat) in the ways that PreCheck minimizes checkpoint screening.

And if the individual poses a bigger hazard in ways that are relevant to the PreCheck program, then the massive increase in passenger incidents during the pandemic represents a failure of that screening system, and PreCheck personnel should resign. It isn’t one, unless you believe that mask resistance is linked to al Qaeda membership. (No, it does not.)

Taking away PreCheck is meant to be an administrative sanction, a method for the government to penalize bad actors without the need for court intervention. It’s a problem to use the PreCheck program for purposes other than airport security. It’s also illegal for a government agency to do so in order to avoid court scrutiny. That’s why, although I understand the purpose of preventing rowdy conduct on planes, this specific method is disturbing.

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