Five Short Lofoten Hikes for Great Mountain Top Views

The rugged coastline of Lofoten, Norway’s largest island, is home to some of the best hiking destinations in Europe. The coastal landscape rises up from azure waters and cliffs to dramatic mountain peaks with views that stretch across the North Atlantic. We’ve put together a list of five hikes you can do on your visit for great mountain top views!

Five short hikes in the Lofoten Peaks of Norway, including one that takes you to a peak with great views. Getting out for walks and visits into nature helps reduce stress and anxiety levels-and they serve as reminders to slow down your life.

The “Lofoten best hiking routes” is a short article that provides five hikes in the Lofoten Islands that offer great mountain top views.

If there is one, Lofoten is a stunning natural location. Wherever you go, the scenery is breathtaking, and the sea, sun, and changing weather add to the enchantment. 

However, if you want the greatest views, you should go higher. But how do you do it? Simply choose one of the numerous routes that weave their way to the peaks of the mountains – the majority of them are pretty difficult.

Heia, Henningsvaer is one of the quick Lofoten walks to mountain peaks.

Climbing the steep Lofoten mountains requires both skill and fitness, as well as a significant amount of time. We, on the other hand, are regular hikers who choose shorter and simpler hikes. Is there anything in the Lofoten Islands for us? Without a doubt.

We looked for short yet picturesque Lofoten walks while arranging our vacation and came across some excellent ones!

Here are five short Lofoten walks that are acceptable for most visitors. They’ll all get you to the top with less effort. There and back in about two or three hours.

Easy, Moderate, and Difficult are the three levels of difficulty.

Our five walks are mostly rated as Moderate in Norway, as are most hikes.

Simple, Moderate, and Difficult are the three levels of difficulty, and it seems that the middle category encompasses a variety of treks ranging from extremely easy to quite challenging, and everything in between. As a result, you should double-check before leaving.

In any case, our five treks are somewhat difficult. On the map, they are as follows:

On the Map: Five Short Lofoten Hikes



On the map, our five Lofoten mountain summit treks

These hikes will be shown in this post:

  • Svolvaer’s Tjeldbergtind
  • Heia in Henningsvaer, Henningsvaer, Henningsvaer, Henningsvaer
  • On Gimsoya, Hoven
  • Mannen in Haukland and Mannen in Haukland
  • Reinebringen is a little town in the extreme south.

To view the location and topography of the walks, zoom out the map, and feel free to utilize our Google itinerary to get there.

Campervan in Sandvika, Lofoten

Choose your sea view for each night of your Lofoten hiking adventure in a campervan. 

We went around Lofoten in a campervan, which we believe is the greatest way to see rural areas and natural wonders. You can park at the trailhead and spend the nights in beautiful locations close to the treks.

We’ll take you around some of our top lodging options.

This was our second trip to Lofoten; you can read about our previous trip here: Lofoten, Senja, and Troms by Motorhome

How to Prepare for Hikes in the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten hikes: the stony path down from Heia

Lofoten hiking: rough routes up and down

How do you get ready for a walk in the Lofoten Islands? Some pointers:

  • The most crucial thing is to wear good, stable hiking shoes. The route will be littered with loose stones and large boulders, as well as roots, sand, ground plants, and muck.
  • Weather-appropriate attire. It will grow windier and colder as you climb higher, and it may even rain a little.
  • I’d like to have a drink and a bite to eat. Your hunger will be awakened by climbing a hard road.
  • Because there aren’t always road markers in the area, a good hiking map and route description are essential. After each trek, check out our links and utilize the maps on your phone.
  • Then there’s the fact that we required gloves, and inexpensive stretch gloves work well. You may need to touch stones, sand, plants, and trees on steep slopes. In this manner:

Climbing Hoven, Lofoten

Power from chockolate, Hoven, Lofoten

 Chocolate as a summit reward!

Now it’s time for the treks. Tjeldbergtind (height 367 m) was the first:

Tjeldbergtinden (367 m), Svolvaer

Tjeldbergtinden Hike, Lofoten Islands

View from Tjeldbergtinden towards Svolvaer

Finally, I’ve made it to the top! Svolvaer and Djevelporten are seen from here. 

Svolvaer, the capital of the Lofoten Archipelago, is the islands’ most popular tourist destination, and with good reason. There are several sports to select from as well as beautiful routes, the most well-known of which, Djevelporten, Floya, and Bltinden, rise to about 600 meters!

Djevelporten was just too far out for us, at least at first.

Tjeldbergtinden, on the opposite side of town, is a little lower at 367 meters, but the views are almost same. So it was something for us to look forward to!

What Did You Think of Your Hike?

Lofoten hikes: Tjeldbergtinden, the ridge

Lofoten hikes: up to Tjeldbergtinden

From the woods to the crest

Tjeldbergtinden is divided into two summits by a lengthy ridge. It’s a 3,8-kilometer (2-hour) circular hike with maps indicating which way to go.

To get to the tele tower atop the hill, first take a woodland road until a route twists upward a few hundred meters before it.

It starts off as a gentle wooded route, but it quickly becomes fairly steep. Surprisingly difficult! We had to use our hands at times to climb uphill, and more more so on the way down the opposite route.

We utilized trees as lianas on the way down, dangling from them and skipping from rock to rock. That was a lot of fun; I can’t believe we drove all the way down there.

After all, we really enjoyed the Tjeldbergtinden trek. Though I thought coming down would be a nightmare on the way up. It wasn’t, and we were back beside the road before we realized it.

The summit of the hill is treeless and narrow, providing the greatest view of Lofoten. After all that exertion, this is the ideal picnic site.

The tallest peak was on the right, but we avoided it since it required a really steep additional climb. Many other hikers had made it to that point, but we had seen the vistas and decided to take the way down:

Lofoten hikes: Tjeldbergtinden, Svolvaer

Lofoten hikes: the top of Tjeldbergtinden

Lofoten hikes: view from Tjeldbergtinden towards Kabelvåg

Lofoten hikes: Tjeldbergtinden, we did it!

View from Tjeldbergtinden towards mountain lakes

Hiking on a muddy trail, Lofoten

We made it to Tjeldbergtinden!

A wonderful trek with spectacular views in all directions: Svolvaer and the mountains beyond, the Arctic Sea, and Kabelvg on the other. On the north side, there are those lovely dark inland lakes!

Hiking Route Map and Description for Tjeldbergtind

Visit the Outdooractive website for route specifics and a hiking map (or download their Outt app):

The trek starts south of Svolvaer, behind the Osan Esso. A small car park is located uphill from the petrol station, and a larger one is located near the supermarket, where you can purchase picnic supplies and stock your refrigerator at the same time.

Where should you spend the night:

Sandvika Camping, Lofoten Islands

Sandvika Camping, Lofoten

Sandvika Camping is located in Kabelvg.

We discovered this gorgeous, new campsite at the small settlement of Kabelvg, where you may park down by the sea or higher up between massive cliffs. Then there’s another camping spot just next door that looks just as wonderful. See Sandvika Fjord- and Sjöhuscamping for further information.

Then, in the morning, it’s just a half-hour drive from Kabelvg to the Henningsvaer road, where the next walk begins:

Henningsvaer: Heia 209 m Henningsvaer: Heia 209 m Henningsvaer: He

Lofoten hikes: on the top of Heia

Above Henningsvaer, the Heia mountain is summited.

Just before the final major bridges on the Henningsvaer road lies the Heia trailhead. The actual position is after Fjordgrd harbor on the road curve.

There are two treks that begin at the same location. Festvgtinden (541 m) is the other trek. A climbing wall is also available.

The Heia trek is the shortest of the three: at 1,4 kilometers and 2 hours.

The walks all follow the same upward track, which is very rocky and virtually vertical at the top. The route starts with a series of massive boulders that you must navigate your way up. The rocks grow smaller after that, and suddenly there’s a forest.

On the crest, after a long climb, the two routes split and go in opposing directions. Festvgtinden requires a hard ascent from here on out.

The remainder of the Heia trek, on the other hand, is a pleasant woodland trail with the beautiful mountain lake Heiavatnet as a bonus.

After all, Mount Heia (height 209 m) is not only easy to access, but it also provides stunning views of Henningsvaer, its many little islands, and the whole area!

Hikes in the Lofoten Islands, Heia in Photos:

Stones on the hike to Festvågtinden and Heia

Hiking a rocky path: Heia, Henningsvaer

Almost up: Heia, Henningsvaer

View from the hike to Festvågtinden and Heia

Lake Heiavatnet

Lofoten hikes: the Heia Hike

Hiking to Heia, Lofoten

The Heia Hike: view to Henningsvaer

Heia above Henningsvaer, Lofoten

View from Heia, Lofoten

Lofoten hikes: Henningsvaer seen from Heia

Greetings from the top of Heia, Henningsvaer!

Hello, Lofoten, from Heia!

A short but steep, stony trek that required the use of both hands and feet on the way up and down. Despite everything, it was well worth the effort!

Hiking Map and Route Description for Heia

On the Outdooractive website, you may get route information and a hiking map:

We parked in the little Fjordgrd port and paid using an app that we had to download. The trailhead was just a few hundred meters away from the vehicle lot (hidden behind trees, no sign).

Because it was low season towards the end of August, getting a parking spot was easy, but it’s a different story during the travel season. The road is much too small for parking, and there are few options for expansions.

However, immediately before the two large Henningsvaer bridges, there is a large parking area:

Motorhomes by the Henningsvaer road

Camping by the Henningsvaer road

Camping in a beautiful Lofoten landscape: Henningsvaer road

The large parking lot seemed like the ideal spot for us to spend the night. It was a beautiful, bright evening, and the cliffs here face west, allowing them to catch more of the sunset light than anyplace else in the hamlet. Even though it was roadside, the night was pleasant and quiet since there were only four or five other campers that night.

Then you must visit Henningsvaer to see what it is like. Alternatively, see the article Norway by Motorhome: Lofoten, Senja, Troms for more information about the historic fishing community.

Then it was on to Hoven for the next hike:

Hoven 358 m, Gimsoya

View from Hoven, Lofoten

From the summit of Hoven, you can see the fjord and the islands.

We needed an easy day after two short but high climbs, so we traveled to the softer, pyramid-shaped Hoven on the neighbouring island Gimsoya.

Hoven is a lonely peak surrounded by plain with no other mountains in the vicinity. Our treks had previously been moderate, but this one was rated as easy. Let’s have a look…

We parked the van at Hov Grd, a horse farm with a campground. The route begins there, and you may also park near the golf course next door.

The Hike, Hoven

Yes, it was a short trip, just 3,7 kilometers and three hours, passing through verdant, damp meadows and pastureland before beginning the ascent. There were loose stones, roots, and muck everywhere, but there were also little trees and plants to support you upward. But it wasn’t too difficult; Hoven is definitely a beginner’s path.

Hoven seen from Hov Gård

Lofoten hikes: to the summit of Hoven, Gimsoya

Hoven, Gimsoya Hiking

When seen from afar, Hoven resembles a set of steps. There are steep spots where you must climb and gentler areas where you can just stroll.

It’s really relaxing to simply stroll, especially on such a smooth surface! Just stroll instead of fighting my way up on all fours (which is also a lot of fun)!

The trek follows the lengthy ridge all the way to the summit and back.

The soft trail of Hoven, Lofoten hikes

Lofoten hikes: the summit of Hoven, Gimsoya

One of the easiest Lofoten walks is Hoven.

Then, after the last difficult portion, we arrived at the summit at 358 m, where the views were just as amazing as they had been everywhere! The whole Lofoten archipelago is stunning!

And it was here, on this cliff, that we discovered the first red ground colors. The summer in the Arctic was already giving way to fall.

Hoven, Gimsoya

Lofoten hiking: Hoven, Gimsoya

Lofoten hiking: the summit of Hoven

Gimsoya from Hoven, Lofoten

Autumn on Hoven, Lofoten hikes

Autumn colors on Hoven, Lofoten

Lofoten Hiking: Hoven 

Looking for a short trek with a glimpse of the mountains? If that’s the case, Hoven could be a good fit for you.

Map and description of the Hoven Hiking Route

On the Outdooractive website, you’ll discover route information and a hiking map:

When we returned from the trek, we discovered that we had parked in an excellent location for an overnight stay. We ended up spending two nights at the horse farm since we like it so much. We spent the whole day in the vehicle the following day since it was a business day with Teams meetings.

Hov Grd, like the Henningsvaer cliffs, receives evening sun. As a result, we spent our nights going down the beach — with horses!

Hov Gård and Camping, Gimsoya, Lofoten

Lofoten hiking: camping on a horse farm

Hov Gård horses on the beach, Gimsoya

Camping with horses in Hov Grd

More information on Hov Grd, Lofoten may be found here.

The next day was spent driving. We continued on to Leknes, but it proved to be too metropolitan for our liking. We merely made a brief stop at a grocery before continuing. Where should I go?

To the island’s northwestern corner. There’s a hidden gem:

Mannen 400 m and Uttakleiv Loop 8 km at Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach, Lofoten

Vik Beach, Haukland, Lofoten

Hiking with sheep in Haukland, Lofoten

We couldn’t leave Haukland, which is a beach paradise. We trekked throughout the day and sat around the campfire in the evenings.

We discovered a modest private camping site directly on the beach, and the owner came to collect the cash every evening. It’s just right!

That happened in Vik, the village next door. And, of course, this location, too, received sunset sunshine!

Motorhomes at Vik, Hauklandsstranda

Lofoten hiking: campfire at Hauklandsstranda

Taking use of the Lofoten dusk light

Aside from that, parking in Haukland is a major issue. The neighborhood café has a parking lot, but it’s simply too little to accommodate everyone who wants to come. Taking the tunnel to Uttakleiv and parking there is an alternative.

Hikes in Haukland

Lofoten hikes: on the way up to Mannen

400 m of rock climbing on the route to Mannen

So, how’s it doing with the hikes?

You may trek around the peninsula in Haukland to Uttakleiv and back, or return across the mountain range. This creates a pleasant, simple 8-kilometer loop. The climb to the crest is just 200 meters long, and the trail is in decent condition, not rough as in the picture above. Mannen said that.

The trek around the peninsula takes place on an ancient post road that was built in 1947 and is practically drivable but is closed to traffic. Instead, there are grazing sheep — with breathtaking vistas of the sea all around.

The mountain trail, which dates back to 1850, was used by children from Uttakleiv to get to school in Haukland. To make the school route simpler, a flat peninsula road was created, followed by a tunnel road decades later.

Then, from the ridge between the two settlements, you may climb further to a 400-meter-high fell known as Mannen. It’s near the peninsula’s center, and a little farther away is another fell, Himmeltinden (931 m), which is also a trekking attraction.

Hikes in the Lofoten Islands: Mannen and Round the Peninsula

Our longest trek was 400 meters up to Mannen, 400 meters down to Uttakleiv, and 400 meters back around the peninsula. It was around 10 kilometers long and took us about half a day to complete. I’ll photograph that trek for you:

Hike from Haukland to Uttakleiv

Mountain lake seen from Mannen

Hike from Haukland to Mannen

The hike to Mannen

Mountain lake between Haukland and Uttakleiv

Himmeltind 931 moh

Lofoten hikes: hiding in a troll cave

Uttakleiv, Lofoten

Uttakleiv grain fields, Lofoten

Uttakleiv beach, Lofoten

Lofoten hikes: sheep on picnic

Lofoten hiking: Hauklandsstranda

Mannen and Uttakleiv walks from Haukland Beach in the Lofoten Islands

So you might easily spend two or more days in Haukland hiking in all directions. There are many more treks within a short driving distance. The environment is breathtaking, and there are pathways for people of all abilities.

Hiking Maps and Route Descriptions for Haukland

Here are the hiking routes and maps:

Finally, but certainly not least, Reinebringen, Lofoten’s most popular hike:

Reine: Reinebringen (448 m) Reine: Reinebringen (448 m) Reine: Reine

View from Reinebringen, Lofoten

Hiking on the Lofoten Islands: Reine from Reinebringen

Reinebringen is a short two-hour climb in the isolated South Lofoten, but it is exceedingly steep.

The out-and-back path, which is just 1 km one way, was formerly one of Norway’s most treacherous climbs. The steepness of the rockfall and erosion caused several accidents throughout the years.

The Sherpa’s Ascension to the Peak

They then recruited a Nepali Sherpa crew to construct steps into the steep slope in 2016. After three years, the stairwell appeared, constructed of natural stone blocks, each one unique. And the stairwell was almost all the way to the top!

Only 50 meters of steep, muddy roadway remain on the mountaintop, but construction will be finished if the project’s financing is restored. The last 50 meters are a difficult ascent, especially in rainy weather, and there is a possibility of rockfall, but thankfully, the 1566 steps have already been completed!

Yes, there are presently 1566 of them, and each one is as high as the China Wall’s steps. Taking the steps up is physically difficult, and you will need to stop and recover every now and again. Extensions with benches are available for this purpose.

It’s hard to imagine, but the climb is also psychologically taxing. It’s really steep, and there’s no guardrail or other means of gaining traction.

At the very least, the steep, spiral staircase opening up below might be a mental challenge:


Hiking in the Lofoten Islands: Reinebringen Sherpa Steps

However, problems are intended to be conquered, and the Sherpa stairs were no exception. We went up and then came back down!

Hike That Is Extremely Popular

All Norwegian and foreign visitors wished to come when the steps were finished in 2019.

Each day of the season in July, hundreds of tourists may be seen ascending and descending the stairwell. However, the season is only a few weeks long during the snowless season, and there were no tourists at all by mid-August.

If it’s peak season, try to come early in the morning or late in the evening when most people aren’t. Summer in the Nordic countries is long and white, so maybe that’s a good time to go hiking?

The steps lead you to 400 meters, where you can see the famous panorama, and from there you may stroll to the highest point at 623 meters. Most climbers, on the other hand, are content with this vista and descend the stone blocks.

Reine from afar:

Reinebringen: we did it!

Reinebringen panorama towards Reine

An Arctic Ocean island, Lofoten

Reinebringen panorama towards Moskenes

We climbed the lengthy Reinebringen steps and were rewarded with a spectacular vista!

Hiking Map and Route Description

On the Outdooractive website and in their app, you may get route information and a hiking map:

This is the trailhead south of Reine, at the Ramsvik tunnel’s south end:

Lofoten hikes: we did the Sherpa steps!

Reinebringen trailhead is the starting point for five short Lofoten treks.

Depending on where you start in Reine, the trailhead is a 1 to 2 mile walk along the ancient tunnel road on the coastline of the tunnel.

Hiking in Lofoten: view of Reine

Reine, Lofoten, view

There is a car park at the Reine road crossing, which is likely to be full, as well as a large one outside the town in the outer harbor, and a third one in the village.

We parked on the bay and spent the night there. The port itself isn’t especially attractive, but the views are! In addition to the village itself. It was a great site to park for the night because of the scenery:

Lofoten hiking: Motorhome parking at Reine outer harbor

In the south of Lofoten: campervanning in Reine harbor

Reine Outer Harbor is a great place to camp.

You’ll understand why the south section of Lofoten attracts travelers like a magnet after you’ve seen it. You can’t go since everything in the south is so beautiful. Sorvgen, Reine, Hamnoya, and everyone else

If you can, extend your stay here. That is exactly what we did.

Fishing huts in Å i Lofoten

In the south of Lofoten

Lofoten hikes: Hamnoya

 In the section below, you may learn more about the south of Lofoten.

That concluded our five quick Lofoten treks. What about you, what are some of your favorite island hikes?

More information about Norway travel:

Find out more about Finland, Sweden, and Denmark by clicking on the following links:

The “best hikes in norway” is a guide to five short hikes in the Lofoten archipelago. The hikes are all near the town of Skjervøy, which has some great mountain top views.,

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