Carnival Cruise Line to Speed Up Procedures at Port of Long Beach

Carnival Cruise Line announced that it will speed up procedures at the Port of Long Beach, California. The company is also expanding its operations to include additional ports in the future.

Carnival Cruise Line is going to speed up procedures at the Port of Long Beach. This will help reduce wait time for passengers and increase efficiency for travelers. Read more in detail here: carnival cruise line news.

Anyone who has been on a cruise that departed from and returned to the United States with stops overseas knows that the embarkation and debarkation processes may be lengthy owing to customs and border security procedures.

Because of the different laws in place in California, this is especially true in Long Beach. For Carnival Cruise Line passengers, this is about to change with the use of facial recognition technology at the port, similar to that used in Florida.

Embarkation and disembarkation are sped up during Carnival.

While getting on and off cruise ships has never been anyone’s favorite thing (okay, getting on is wonderful! ), the new COVID processes, as well as having to face customs and border officers while waiting in line, make the process much more unpleasant. According to Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald, at least in Long Beach, California, this is no longer the case:

“For those of you that cruise on the west coast, you will know that the debarkation and embarkation processes may be a little bit lengthier than in other ports of call,” John Heald said. And there are reasons for this that I will not disclose since you must keep in mind. In the end, we have no control over when we embark or debark, but we have finally been allowed to accomplish something that we have been able to do in other ports. That indicates a significant improvement.”

Long Beach Cruise TerminalCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

To speed up the process of getting on and off the ships, Carnival Cruise Line will employ the same face recognition technology that it uses at Port Canaveral and Miami.

Guests will no longer need to meet an official before boarding or disembarking on embarkation day as a result of this procedure. Your passport does not need to be shown or scanned since it has already been uploaded into Carnival’s databases.

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“And that is that we are extremely pleased to report that the United States customs and border protection has authorized for us to carry out the face recognition program beginning on cruises on October 1 from Long Beach, California,” the Brand Ambassador added. Now, as you know, facial recognition is a cutting-edge wireless technology that will do a lightning-fast facial biometric positive match against the visitor photo in CBP’s database, and you’ll have automatic clearance in seconds.”

Carnival Splendor at the Long Beach Cruise TerminalAt the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, the Carnival Splendor is docked (Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line)

From October 1, 2021, face recognition will be used at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal. In the future, the cruise company hopes to introduce the technology to Baltimore, Maryland, and Galveston, Texas.

The new facial recognition system will be available onboard Carnival Miracle, which resumed sailings from Long Beach on September 27; Carnival Panorama, which was the first cruise ship to resume sailings from California; and the new Carnival Radiance, which will begin sailings from Long Beach on December 13.

Guests will be able to board and disembark much more quickly and smoothly, comparable to what they are accustomed to at Port Canaveral and Miami. It also comes after massive delays for tourists when Carnival Panorama began cruises from the port in August.

Carnival Cruise Ship in Long Beach

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