What’s Happening With Car Rental and Hotel Prices Right Now?

The recent surge in travel prices has been a hot topic of discussion for many. In the past few years, hotel and car rental prices have increased significantly, with some destinations seeing price increases of up to 40%. However, experts say that this is just a temporary spike before things settle down again.

The why are hotel prices so high right now 2021 is a question that has been asked by many people. We will provide some information about what’s happening with car rental and hotel prices right now.

Spring and summer travel resurfaced unexpectedly this year in reaction to increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates, causing a spike in demand that car rental firms couldn’t fulfill since they had sold off significant parts of their fleets when the epidemic struck. This, of course, pushed rental rates into the roof, particularly in places where tourists were coming in droves, such as Hawaii.

While some predictions have indicated that the so-called Carpocalypse would continue to afflict the sector through the 2021 Christmas season and perhaps beyond, research done by Scott Keyes, the creator of the discount airline website Scott’s Cheap Flights, indicates the opposite. He believes that the vehicle rental issue has already passed.


While pre-pandemic visitors would usually be concerned about ticket prices, Keyes said that his firm sent out a record amount of cheap-flight notifications this summer, and the cost of renting a car became a significant issue. He said that the lowest vehicle rental on Maui at one time was $650 per day, or more than $4,000 for a week.

What’s Hot Right Now

Keyes claims that now that peak travel season is over and kids have returned to school, the insane level of demand has subsided, and vehicle rental firms have been replenishing their fleets in recent months, resulting in rental rates returning to normal. Keyes reported the lowest available daily prices in various locations based on a September 28 search for car rentals for a typical October 23-30 vacation.

—Austin, Texas: $65

—Denver, Colorado: $43

—$32 in Honolulu

—$36 in Las Vegas

—Los Angeles (California): $26

—$48 in Maui

—$11 in Miami

—Nashville, Tennessee: $43

—$20 in Orlando

He added that rates were equally low over the Thanksgiving holiday, but costs were two to three times higher for periods around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, as has historically been the case.

Hotel Room Rates

Keyes stated that hotel-room prices had mostly recovered from the lows reached in 2020, and occupancy rates are near to what they were pre-pandemic, based on STR data for U.S. Hotel Occupancy and Average Daily Rate. However, it is a conclusion based on national averages. Overall, hotels are still less full than they were in 2019, which has resulted in some price reductions.

Because average daily prices have dropped the most in comparison to 2019, the following locations now provide the greatest value for your money:

—Hotel rates in the San Francisco Bay Area have dropped by almost 40%.

—Washington, D.C., where hotel prices have dropped by 22%.

—Prices have dropped by 10% or more in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle.

The location with the greatest average daily rate rise, on the other hand, is Miami, where the average daily cost is now $172, almost 20% more than pre-pandemic rates. This summer, Florida drew a record number of domestic visitors by removing all COVID-19 regulations, including mask-wearing.

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