Southwest Airlines Wins Court Ruling To Stop Website From Publishing Its Schedules And Fares

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Southwest Airlines has won a court order prohibiting the publication of its schedules and fares on the company’s website.

on October 4, 2021 by Gary Leff

I reported about Southwest Airlines suing ticket bargains website earlier this summer.

  • Southwest has been pursuing anybody who has assisted consumers in using its services for years, from systems that allowed users to monitor their points to services that let them to check in 24 hours before their trip. They also pursue anybody who publishes their rates and timetables without the airline’s permission.
  • assists clients in locating ‘point beyond’ tickets in order to save money by allowing them to discard their last segment, which is not illegal but is against airline regulations.

Skiplagged wasn’t scraping Southwest’s website at all. They were receiving information from, which seemed to be acquiring schedule and fare information without permission. is also being sued by Southwest.

Southwest Airlines has also obtained a preliminary injunction prohibiting from scraping its website, publishing Southwest flight or price information, or selling Southwest flights.

Although seemed to be brazen in its actions, prohibiting the publishing of travel information seems to be both overbroad and a prior restriction on free expression. On this site, I provide “Southwest flight [and] price information” on a regular basis. They can’t even “commit any other actions in violation of Southwest’s Terms & Conditions.”

The case revolves on the authority of website terms and conditions, as well as a company’s ability to regulate the material it publishes on the internet.

Southwest seeks to claim that its website terms and conditions apply to a business that does not use its website in the Skiplagged case, which goes a step further. They also seek to claim that even if a business does not sell Southwest Airlines tickets, it is obligated by the airline’s terms and conditions for displaying timetables and prices.

Southwest Airlines, ironically, was once the underdog, battling the establishment as established airlines attempted to litigate it out of business. They’re now the biggest carrier of domestic aviation passengers, and they use the same methods to maintain control over factual information about where, when, and how much they fly.

(With thanks to Jonathan W.)

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