Princess Cruises Updates Protocols For U.S. Departures

Princess Cruises has announced that passengers on its fall and winter departures in the U.S. and Canada will be required to pass through enhanced airport security checks.

Princess Cruise Lines has released new guidelines for U.S. departures in light of the recent Ebola virus outbreak in western Africa. According to the guidelines, passengers will receive an Ebola test kit in the cabin, and will be required to show proof of Ebola vaccination in order to travel from the U.S. to Africa. Those who have been vaccinated will also have to wear a special wristband indicating that they have been immunized against the virus.

You wouldn’t know it, but Princess Cruises just announced that they’ve updated their evacuation procedures. This, in the face of increased threats in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. On vacation in the United States in the coming weeks? Read on to find out what the changes mean to you.

As the phased-in restart proceeds in the United States, Princess Cruises has joined other major cruise lines in adopting the reduced testing window from three to two days as part of its health procedures to keep everyone safe.

All passengers will be subjected to pre-cruise testing as part of the upgrade. While most cruise companies allow passengers to be tested 72 hours before embarking, Princess Cruises and many other cruise lines have made it mandatory for travelers to get tested two days prior to departure. The adjustment came after the CDC’s pre-cruise testing procedures were changed on August 27.

The testing period has been shortened to two days.

The cruise line’s new restrictions will apply to ships departing this autumn through the end of the year, as well as cruises going from and to the United States. Separate rules have been published by the cruise company for the two ships departing from the United Kingdom.

The testing procedure for all passengers boarding one of the Princess Cruise ships until October 31 is the most dramatic step the cruise company has chosen to undertake. On all Princess sailings, all passengers must submit a negative, medically observed test (PCR or antigen) done within two days after embarkation.

Cruise Testing

However, Princess Cruises is not alone; Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Carnival Cruise Line have all altered their rules in the past few days. The following is taken from the Princess website:

“The two-day period begins two days prior to the departure of your cruise. You have greater freedom with a 2-day period than with a 48-hour timescale. The validity of your test does not rely on the time of your embarkation or the time of day that your exam was given when you use the 2-day window. If you’re sailing on Sunday, for example, the test may be done on Friday and Saturday, and even Sunday if you’re sure you’ll have your findings in time for check-in.”

After yet another rule change, skepticism reigns supreme.

Many passengers have expressed reservations about Princess Cruises’ and other cruise companies’ new rules, despite the fact that the cruise lines’ hands are tied behind their backs since the mandate comes from the CDC. Because the Conditional Sail Order is now a suggestion rather than a mandate, cruise companies have said that they will voluntarily obey the rules. The following is currently stated on the CDC’s website:

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated must show a SARS-CoV-2 virus test result that is negative at the time of departure. No more than two days before boarding, the specimen must be collected. Passengers who have been fully vaccinated may utilize a self-test. Cruise ship operators may test fully vaccinated passengers on the day of embarkation instead than on the pre-embarkation day.

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When Carnival Cruise Company implemented the 3-day testing standards, the cruise line faced a lot of backlash for the schedule they established. Because visitors have even less opportunity to be evaluated in a typically stressful period leading up to their trip, the results have been mixed. As a result, Princess Cruises has devised a solution:

“We realize that finding testing that can give findings within two days may be challenging for some of our visitors. As a consequence, for guests who do not get their test results within two days of embarkation, we are planning to set up mobile testing facilities near our embarkation ports where COVID-19 testing may be done the day before or the day of your cruise departure.”

“The testing firm will charge a per-person fee,” says the source (to be established; please check back on this page). Although providers do not take insurance, you will be given a receipt if you want to submit the amount to your insurance company. If you are unable to make arrangements before to leaving home, please consider this as a backup option.”

In More Places, Masks Will Be Required

The restrictions are in addition to a number of other policies that Princess Cruises has implemented in recent weeks and months. Aside from forcing all passengers to be completely vaccinated till the end of the year and the new testing criteria, the cruise company is now asking guests to wear masks once again.

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Indoors, masks are recommended but needed in locations such as elevators, stores, casinos, and other specified areas. The only time visitors are allowed to eat or drink is while they are eating or drinking. Masks must be used when big groups assemble.

While we witnessed a loosening of the restrictions after the resumption of cruises in July of this year, we’ve seen another change in this area in the past month. Is this the last time the rules will be changed? Most likely not; the cruise companies’ dread of a recurrence of a no-sail order means they’ll do whatever it takes to remain afloat. Even if it irritates certain visitors.

Princess Cruise Ship in Florida

Princess Cruises is updating its procedures for U.S. departures after a series of cases in which passengers have been sickened by norovirus, a highly contagious viral infection that causes nausea and vomiting.. Read more about princess cruises covid policy 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Princess Cruises sail in 2021?

Princess Cruises will not be sailing in 2021.

Are cruises Cancelled for 2021?

No, the cruise line industry is still booming and there are no signs of it slowing down.

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