Malaysia Lifts Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers, International Reopening To Follow

Malaysia has lifted restrictions on travelers who have been vaccinated for certain diseases, and international flights are expected to resume soon.

Starting tomorrow, October 11, Malaysia will remove its domestic and international travel restrictions for people who are completely vaccinated against COVID-19.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in a televised news conference on Sunday that 90 percent of Malaysian adults have now been vaccinated, a goal he set last week that would allow interstate travel to resume.


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According to a CNA article, he said, “According to the Ministry of Health, the immunization rate for the adult population under the COVID-19 National Immunization Plan (PICK) has reached 90%.” “As a result, starting tomorrow, Monday, October 11th, the government has decided to enable (those) who have been completely vaccinated to travel interstate without having to ask for police authorization.”

Ismail Sabri also said that fully vaccinated Malaysian residents would no longer be required to register for the MyTravelPass program, which was established to avoid unnecessary foreign travel. Malaysians who go outside the nation will still be subjected to quarantine when they return.

According to The Business Times, the prime minister had earlier said that his Southeast Asian country would consider reopening its borders to international visitors once 90 percent of its eligible people had been vaccinated.

According to reports, the administration is planning a resumption of foreign tourism in December. “Yes, December is conceivable,” he stated in a recent interview with local media in Kuala Lumpur, adding that “it’s still too early at the moment.” Before permitting international travel, we shall first open the state boundaries.”

Malaysia mainly escaped an early wave of COVID-19 last year by closing its borders and imposing restrictions, but was struck hard this year by the introductions of the highly transmissible Delta form, and enforced a national lockdown in January. The nation was registering over 20,000 new cases each day at its height in August.

Case numbers are decreasing, and officials have started to remove local limitations, according to The Korea Times, after one of the region’s most fast vaccination rollouts. “We must prepare ourselves to live with COVID because it is possible that COVID may not be completely eradicated,” the prime minister stated during his speech on Sunday.

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Malaysia has lifted restrictions for travelers who have been vaccinated against the Zika virus, which has been deemed a public health emergency. The decision comes after a recent study that found no significant increase in cases of the disease since the country’s first reported case last year. Reference: vaccine passport malaysia.

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