Leading Attractions Accessible via the Pigeon Forge Trolley

Exploring the scenic Smoky Mountain trails in Pigeon Forge is a memorable experience. For locals and tourists alike, the Pigeon Forge Trolley is a popular means of transportation. With over 384 miles of scenic roads, it’s a classic choice for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors or wants to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

As you travel along these paths, you’ll encounter lush forests that are a haven for various wildlife. The Pigeon Forge Trolley makes it easy to visit these natural wonders without the stress of navigating on your own. Whether you are stopping to hike, take photos, or simply enjoy the view, the trolley provides a comfortable and convenient way to see everything.

Read on to learn about the top attractions accessible from the Pigeon Forge Trolley.

Top Attractions Accessible via the Pigeon Forge Trolley

You may explore Pigeon Forge’s top attractions effortlessly with the convenience of the Pigeon Forge Trolley. Here are a few attractions that you can enjoy:


One of the most iconic and recognizable locations in Pigeon Forge is Dollywood, a theme park created by Tennessee native and Hollywood veteran Dolly Parton. Named as such for her star-studded career, Dollywood is renowned and celebrated as one of the world’s most popular theme parks. The Pigeon Forge trolley provides continuous service to and from the park, beginning 30 minutes before it opens and continuing after it closes until all guests have returned to Patriot Park. To accommodate the flow of visitors, the trolley runs every 15 minutes.

Dollywood’s Splash Country

Adjacent to the Dollywood theme park stands another staple of Dolly Parton-themed family entertainment. Dollywood’s Splash Country is a waterpark that provides entertainment for the entire family. You can relax and take it slow or pick up the pace and participate in a range of water sports at this thrilling venue. Most popular during the summer, the Pigeon Forge trolley loops between Patriot Park and Dollywood’s Splash Country during the day. It arrives every 20 minutes. This makes it convenient for visitors to travel across the vast Dollywood Resort area without walking or longw ait times.

Wears Valley

The Pigeon Forge trolley also takes visitors towards the nearby Wears Valley by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visitors looking to enjoy the scenic outdoor activities in Pigeon Forge may use the trolley to begin their journey. But that’s not all this trolley takes you by! The Wears Valley trolley travels north on Teaster Lane, passing by the Pigeon River Crossing and Riverview Mall area. If you’re looking for some souvenirs, these spots are perfect to visit.


The Pigeon Forge trolley continues to the Community Center Drive and Sand Pike Boulevard, before finally proceeding toward Wears Valley Road. The trolley also services area campgrounds and businesses west of the city.  This trolley makes its rounds 40-45 minutes and is a fantastic choice for exploring the region.

North Parkway

The North Parkway trolley travels north on the parkway through Pigeon Forge, continuing to the Governor’s Crossing area of the nearby city of Sevierville. Home to more resorts, theme parks, and Dolly Parton memorabilia, this is another excellent area accessible by the Pigeon Forge trolley. Arriving every 20 minutes, shoppers and tourists visiting key commercial regions can make use of this route. It provides easy access to various amenities and attractions.

South Parkway

The South Parkway trolley travels east to Teaster Lane, then north to Jake Thomas Road, and stops at the LeConte Event Center, a convention area. It continues south on the parkway before turning onto Pine Mountain Road, another location to enjoy the Rocky Mountains’ scenic beauty.


The Pigeon Forge trolley serves the area’s campgrounds and Dolly Parton’s Stampede, a thrilling love dinner show. The trolley arrives at each stop every 25 minutes, ensuring convenient transportation for visitors exploring Pigeon Forge.

Gatlinburg Welcome Center

The trolley to the Gatlinburg Welcome Center travels non-stop from the city limits and arrives every 30 minutes. Costing a mere 75 cents, this service provides an affordable and efficient way to access the welcome center’s resources.

Trolley Operating Hours: Your Guide to Easy Travel

The Pigeon Forge Trolley operates from early morning until late at night, ensuring you can enjoy the sights without the stress of driving. Here are the operating hours:

  • March through the First Week of January: The trolley may be used daily from 8:00 am to midnight, providing sufficient time to enjoy daytime activities and evening events.
  • January through First Week of March: The trolley runs daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, adjusting for the shorter winter days while accommodating sightseeing.
  • Holidays: The service is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, so plan your journey accordingly if you visit during these times.

Why Choose the Pigeon Forge Trolley

The Pigeon Forge Trolley isn’t just transport; it’s part of the city’s charm. Here’s why you should choose the trolley to get around the region of Smoky Mountain:

  1. A Quaint and Friendly Experience: Unlike buses or taxis, the Pigeon Forge Trolley offers a nostalgic charm. Its cheerful drivers and warm atmosphere make every ride enjoyable. Whether solo or with family, it enhances your Pigeon Forge adventure.
  2. Navigating Stress-Free: The trolley’s multiple routes cover over a hundred stops, connecting you effortlessly to attractions, shopping, and dining. Leave behind the stress of driving and parking to immerse yourself in Pigeon Forge’s sights and sounds.
  3. Embracing Local Hospitality: Riding the trolley lets you experience Pigeon Forge’s hospitality firsthand. Drivers share tips about local gems, enhancing your journey with personalized insights.
  4. Creating Memorable Moments: Your trip is enhanced with every ride on the Pigeon Forge Trolley. It enhances your experience and builds connections with the surrounding region, whether you go on trails, explore mountains, or just take in Pigeon Forge’s scenery.
  5. Choosing Sustainability: Using a trolley reduces environmental impacts and promotes sustainable transport. It is an efficient way to learn about Pigeon Forge while promoting eco-friendly conduct.
  6. Planning Your Trolley Adventure: Pick up a map to plan your day. Navigate the bustling Parkway, visit Gatlinburg, or explore Wears Valley effortlessly with the trolley’s flexible routes.
  7. Accessible to all: All Pigeon Forge trolleys and trams have lifts for wheelchairs and mobility aids. These can be accessed at any designated trolley stop.

Final Thoughts

Discovering the best of Pigeon Forge is made simple with the accessible Pigeon Forge Trolley. This trolley guarantees a comfortable ride, whether you’re heading to attractions or just taking in the beautiful surroundings. It is the best way to take advantage of everything the brilliant city has to offer. Make your plans, assemble your necessities, and take the Pigeon Forge Trolley. Wherever it leads, adventure is soon to follow!