How to Travel from Houston to Galveston, TX Port

Galveston, TX is a popular American destination and it’s easy to travel from Houston. Here are the steps to getting there by way of boat or plane.

The “uber from houston to galveston” is a popular option for those looking to travel from Houston, TX. It’s also a cheap way to get around.

Galveston is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular cruise ports in the United States. Since its inception, the cruise terminal has developed at an exponential rate. A third terminal is now being built to handle bigger ships and a higher number of passengers. It is expected to be finished in late 2022.

Although there are numerous advantages to traveling out of Galveston, getting to the cruise terminal if you don’t want to drive may be tough. Because the closest airports are in Houston, which are at least an hour distant, most cruisers must figure out how to get from Houston to Galveston.

Because the Galveston TX airport does not provide commercial flights, the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) or George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) are the best options (IAH).

It’s tough to figure out the best alternative for transportation between Houston and Galveston since it’s so expensive. You may take a taxi or hire an Uber or Lyft instead of renting a vehicle and driving yourself. Shuttle services have sprung up throughout the years to give tourists with a variety of cheap choices for getting from Houston to the Galveston cruise port.

We’ve outlined the many choices below so you can decide which is the most expedient route for you and your group to travel from Houston to Galveston port.

Automobile Rental

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a car rental company based in the United States.

Enterprise Rent-a-Vehicle is your sole option if you need a car to go one-way from Houston to Galveston. They are the only rental vehicle firm having a location on Galveston Island right now.

If you’re flying into one of Houston’s airports, you’ll have the greatest chance of booking a one-way journey with them, although there are other Enterprise locations throughout the city. One-way excursions aren’t usually accessible on the internet, so you’ll need to give them a call to book your vehicle.

The following is a list of Enterprise locations in Houston, Texas, as well as their phone numbers.

  • 281-230-8200 George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston
  • 833-511-77061 Houston Hobby Airport
  • 713-659-8992 JW Marriott Hotel in Downtown Houston (Enterprise agency)
  • 713-651-7866, Houston Midtown
  • 713-868-1063, Houston Heights

Other Rental Alternatives

If you want to go from Houston to the Galveston cruise port by automobile, round-trip rentals are probably the best choice. Your rental vehicle will be waiting for you when you disembark from the cruise, and you may drive it straight back to Houston and drop it off, even though it will cost you extra money (particularly with parking costs).

Houston to Galveston MapMap from Houston to Galveston

On the plus side, cruise parking on Galveston Island is reasonably priced. The majority of parking lots, motels, and garages provide great security and insurance to ensure the safety of your vehicle. You will also save money by not having to pay an extra fee for a one-way rental vehicle.

Here are a couple car rental agencies in Houston where you may acquire a round trip vehicle rental, as well as the estimated cost of renting an economy car for a week. Keep in mind that the price you pay may increase if you add any extra drivers, car seats, or upgrades.

  • $560 for a Dollar car rental
  • $517 for a Thrifty car rental
  • $562 for a Hertz car rental
  • $480 Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Rent a car from Avis for $596.
  • Rental Car at a Low Cost: $567
  • $455 for a Sixt car rental

Having Your Own Vehicle

If you reside near Houston, driving your own automobile from Houston to Galveston may be the most convenient option. Trip parking, as previously noted, is simple to come by and costs roughly $70-100 for the length of your cruise. You won’t have to worry about any additional travel expenses other than petrol for your automobile.

Depending on traffic, the journey should only take approximately an hour depending on where you’re coming from in Houston.

Other Ways to Travel from Houston to the Galveston Cruise Port

Options for Carpooling

Booking a rideshare journey is strongly suggested if you want to let someone else drive, whether you’re traveling in or reside in Houston. You can relax and enjoy the ride without having to worry about directions. In exchange for a gratuity, most drivers are eager to help with bags. Uber or Lyft are the two greatest alternatives.

Cruise Ship in Galveston, TexasKokoulina / / Kokoulina / / Kokoulina / Shutterstock

The convenience of either option is that you may book your journey right from your phone once you are in Houston. If you like, you may also book ahead of time using the app. Because Houston is such a bustling city, there will be no shortage of drivers willing to take you to and from the Galveston cruise ports.

The price varies based on where you will be picked up by your driver. If you’re flying into Hobby Airport, expect to pay between $40 and $60 (one way), but from Bush Intercontinental, expect to pay between $73 and 96.

However, since these fees are per trip rather than per person, it makes financial sense to go as a group. Everyone could contribute around $25 to pay the expense of ridesharing, and everyone would save money and travel in style.  

Taxi Cabs

Traditional taxi taxis may also be seen around Houston and Galveston. They are likely to be more expensive than Uber or Lyft (estimated charges range from $150 to $300, depending on where you are in Houston). A taxi, like Uber and Lyft, can seat up to four passengers, thus the fare you pay is for the whole vehicle. The journey will be seamless and door-to-door.

Options for Shuttle Service

Cruise Ships

The cruise company you’ve selected may provide transportation from Houston’s airports to Galveston Port. Many folks who go on a cruise generally choose for this option. The shuttle is normally included in your cruise package or when you check-in online.

Carnival Cruise Ship in Galveston, TexasJSvideos / / JSvideos / / JSvideos / Shutterstock

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a cruise line transfer is that you’ll never miss your cruise since the shuttle service is provided by the same business. If there is a difficulty on the voyage, the cruise operator will take responsibility for getting you to the ship on schedule and will not leave without you.

The disadvantage is that these shuttles may be rather expensive, particularly if you have a large family or travel group. Some cruise lines charge the following charges for their shuttle transfer bus:

Carnival Cruise Line is a company that specializes in cruises.

  • $51.99 per person one-way from Bush Intercontinental
  • The cost of a one-way flight from Houston Hobby is $36.99 per passenger.
  • Disney Cruise Line (Disney Cruise Line):
  • The cost of a one-way flight from Bush Intercontinental is $45 per passenger.
  • $90 per person for a round-trip from Bush Intercontinental.
  • There is no service available from Hobby Airport.

Royal Caribbean International:

  • Prices for round-trip flights from Bush Intercontinental are not available; contact RCI directly.
  • Prices for round-trip flights from Hobby Airport are not available; contact RCI directly.

Shuttle Services Provided by Independent Companies

As you can see, there is a significant demand for economical transportation between Houston and Galveston, which is why many individuals choose to drive or hire a vehicle.

To fulfill this demand, a number of shuttle service companies have sprung up throughout the years, offering more cheap methods to go from Houston to Galveston Port.

Galveston Express is a bus service that runs from Galveston

Galveston Express is one of a number of firms in Galveston that provide inexpensive one-way or round-trip shuttle service between Houston and Galveston Island. This shared shuttle service connects Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), Houston Hobby Airport (HOU), and Galveston Cruise Terminal seven days a week. Passengers going to or from any hotel on Galveston Island may be picked up and dropped off by them.

Galveston ExpressGalveston Express/Getty Images

Galveston Express charges a set fare, which starts at $30 per passenger from Hobby and $35 from IAH, depending on which airport you choose. Seniors (55+) and children get a $5 discount (10 & under). Only round-trip tickets are eligible for the savings.

If you’d want to be picked up or dropped off at a hotel near the airport, they can do so for an extra $30 on top of your reservation (not per person).

Galveston Express offers the option of booking a private shuttle if you’re going with a bigger party.

Prices for the Galveston Express are as follows:

  • $60 for a round-trip from Hobby.
  • $70 round-trip from Bush
  • 409-762-4397 is the phone number.

Shuttle to the Island Breeze

Island Breeze Shuttle, based in Galveston, makes things easy by giving various pricing for 2, 3, or 4 people. The lower the rate per person, the more passengers you have in your party.

Island Breeze ShuttleIsland Breeze Shuttle provided the photo.

All of their shuttles are private luxury shuttles that provide guests with a pleasant and stress-free travel from Houston Hobby or Bush Intercontinental airports.

Prices for Island Breeze:

  • $105 one-way, $190 round-trip at Bush Intercontinental (two people)
  • $150 one-way, $270 round-trip at Bush Intercontinental (three people)
  • $180 one-way, $320 round-trip at Bush Intercontinental (four people)
  • $85 one-way, $150 round-trip from Houston Hobby (two people)
  • $120 one-way, $210 round-trip from Houston Hobby (three people)
  • $140 one-way, $260 round-trip from Houston Hobby (four people)

If you are traveling with a group of five or more people, you should contact them to discuss your needs and get a group discount.


Most ports in the United States are served by SuperShuttle, a cruise shuttle service. You have a range of car and shuttle alternatives depending on where you’re going and where you’re going, as well as the time of year and day.

SuperShuttleSuperShuttle is the photographer for this image.

They have a Super Shuttle that can accommodate up to 7 people and an ExecuCar (luxury sedan or SUV) that can accommodate 3-5 passengers. The cost of a SuperShuttle ride varies based on your location, the season, and the time of day.

The Galveston Flyer is a newspaper published in Galveston, Texas.

The Galveston Flyer provides low-cost, convenient shuttle service between Houston and Galveston, with simple, easy-to-understand pricing. There are no hidden costs or fees, just a reliable and pleasant shuttle service.

Phillip, the company’s founder and proprietor, created it to pay for graduate school while attending Texas A&M University. He fell in love with it since he could learn so much from his passengers, and it turned into a really rewarding profession for him.

He called his service after the Galveston Flyer, which ran from 1911 to 1936 for the Galveston-Houston Electric Rail Car Company. Not only will you save money by riding Phillip’s Galveston Flyer, but you’ll also learn a little about Galveston’s history.

Prices for the Galveston Flyer are as follows:

  • $30 one-way, $60 round-trip from Houston Hobby (per person)
  • Bush Intercontinental: $70 round-trip, $35 one-way (per person)

Limousine Service in Galveston

Despite the fact that the name implies “limo,” Galveston Limo is not a high-end service. They do, however, provide pleasant shuttle bus journeys from Houston to Galveston at very low prices. Give them a call if you’re traveling with a big group for a discounted group rate.

Galveston LimoGalveston Limo is the source of this image.

Their bus will pick you up from either of Houston’s airports and transport you to Galveston. You may be dropped off at a hotel in Galveston or at the cruise dock.

The cost of a limo in Galveston is as follows:

  • Hobby: $30 round-trip, $50 one-way (per person)
  • $65 one-way, $120 round-trip at Bush Intercontinental (per person)
  • Seniors (55+) and children under the age of ten get a $5 discount.

Optional Luxuries

A few firms also provide luxury transportation in the shape of a big, private van, a bus, or a stylish limousine. You may choose from one of these companies if you want to go from Houston to Galveston in elegance.

Because you don’t have to worry about per-person pricing, luxury private automobiles are ideal for bigger parties. The lower the cost per person becomes as the number of persons in your party grows.

The firms listed below offer luxury vehicle services for tourists in Houston and Galveston. You must contact them and get a personalized quote for your requirements.

The journey from Houston to Galveston has come to an end.

Finding transportation from Houston to the Galveston cruise port does not have to be as difficult as you may have assumed. There are several solutions available to meet your requirements and budget.

Galveston Cruise TerminalCruise Hive (c) Cruise Hive (c) Cruise Hive (c) Cruise Hive

You may take your own automobile if you wish to drive yourself and be in charge of where you go. Consider hiring a vehicle if you’re traveling into one of Houston’s airports. There are lots of cruise parking alternatives available at comparable costs for any option (expect to pay between $70-100 for a week). During your voyage, your automobile will be safe and secure, and when you disembark, it will be ready to drive.

There are also ridesharing and taxi cabs accessible, however taxis will cost you considerably more than you want to pay.

Private shuttle companies, on the other hand, are some of the greatest and cheapest alternatives, since they will all help you with your bags at no extra expense.

We hope you enjoy your cruise from Galveston, regardless of your means of transportation, and that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.


What is the distance between Houston and Galveston?

The distance between Houston and Galveston is 51 miles via road.

How long does it take to go from Houston to Galveston by car?

Driving from Houston to Galveston via I-45 takes roughly one hour.

What is the most cost-effective method to go from Houston to the Galveston cruise port?

Independent shuttles, like as Galveston Express, are the cheapest method to go to Galveston from Houston. If you’re going in a party of three or more, though, a cab or Uber may be less expensive per person.

Find out how to travel from Houston to Galveston cruise port for that dream vacation from Texas. Covering transportation from nearby airports, car rentals and even the routes to take.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to Uber from Houston to Galveston?

A: You can get from Houston to Galveston for a total cost of $10, but you need to take the ferry as part of the journey.

How much is a limo from Houston to Galveston?

A: The cost of a limousine from Houston, TX to Galveston is $1,800.

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