Crystal Cruises Becomes First Line To Resume Sailing From New York

Crystal Cruises has resumed sailing from New York City after the company was granted a temporary waiver by the U.S. Coast Guard to resume service following Hurricane Sandy.

The crystal cruises latest update is a news article about Crystal Cruises becoming the first line to resume sailing from New York.

Since the epidemic shut down all cruise operations 18 months ago, Crystal Cruises is the first in the industry to resume sailing from New York City.

The Crystal Symphony, a luxury liner, will set sail for the first of nine seven-night ‘Luxury Bermuda Escape’ excursions this evening. From now through November 19, 2021, these itineraries will transport passengers on a round-trip voyage from New York’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal to Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard, with departures every Friday.


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Reopening from COVID-19

The ‘Luxury Bermuda Escape’ series, which Crystal Symphony sailed out of Boston from late August to early September to great acclaim, continues with this series. All visitors and staff members are properly vaccinated against COVID-19 and will follow all local health procedures and standards throughout their stay in Bermuda, as required by the business.

Crystal also safeguards both guests and crew’s health and safety via new Crystal Clean+ procedures, which are constantly updated to reflect the most recent scientific discoveries and changing recommendations given by recognized health authorities.

“We are pleased to sail from New York’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal once again, providing our passengers with the opportunity to experience Crystal’s unrivaled elegance, Michelin-level food, and real personalized service on journeys close to home,” said Crystal president Jack Anderson. “Travelers can relax and enjoy Bermuda’s beautiful pink-sand beaches and numerous outdoor activities, knowing that their health and safety are our top priorities, and our thorough Crystal Clean+ procedures and vaccine requirement ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.”

While Crystal Symphony already has one of the greatest space-per-guest ratios in the business, with almost double the amount of space per passenger as ships of comparable size, it is presently operating at a lower capacity to give cruisegoers with even more room for additional peace of mind.

Rachel Loeb, President and CEO of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, said, “As a symbol of New York City’s recovery, we are delighted to welcome cruise lines back to the city’s cruise ports. The cruise sector contributes millions of dollars in tourist income to the city, boosting Broadway, restaurants, museums, and other special events, all of which result in employment opportunities for New Yorkers.”

Crystal Cruises said this week that it was extending its vaccine obligation for all passengers and staff until 2022 due to continuing COVID-19 problems, including existing and prospective variations.

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Crystal Cruises has become the first line to resume sailing from New York after a winter storm that stranded passengers on January 3rd. Reference: crystal cruises caribbean 2021.

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Is Crystal cruises still sailing?

Yes, Crystal Cruises is still operating as of the time of this writing.

Will cruises set sail in 2021?


Will Cruise Lines resume in 2021?

I am unable to answer this question.

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