Carnival Cruise Line’s BOLT Roller Coaster Recognized for Innovation and Design

The BOLT coaster is a futuristic rollercoaster that has been recognized for its innovative design. The ride’s unique structure, which features a series of magnetic levitation technology, helps riders reach speeds over 100mph at the crest of each hill and create an almost-unreal experience.

The “carnival bolt roller coaster” is a new and innovative ride that has been recognized for its design and innovation.

Popular Science Magazine has awarded the BOLT roller coaster aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, Mardi Gras, the “Best of What’s New” award. For its creativity, design, and engineering, the first-ever feature of its sort at sea has been acknowledged.

The BOLT of Mardi Gras has been recognized.

Even though the Carnival Cruise Line flagship has been sailing since the end of July 2021, the first roller coaster at sea, BOLT, continues to astound. Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New” award was given to the fascinating story.

Since 1988, hundreds of innovative goods have been evaluated as part of the yearly prize. The top 100 winners in each of the ten categories make up the final list. Only goods that make a substantial advancement within their area, such as Carnival Cruise Line’s BOLT roller coaster, are acknowledged.

Carnival's BOLT Roller CoasterCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

“Traditional roller coasters employ gravity to propel thrill-seekers through loops and loops. But, as Popular Science points out, “if you want to create a ride aboard a cruise ship, where solid, level footing is far from assured,” you’ll have to be inventive.”

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When she launched at the end of July 2021, BOLT was initially unveiled aboard the Mardi Gras cruise ship. The roller coaster is powered by electricity and is positioned on the open deck of the ship’s Ultimate Playground zone. The 800-foot track provides a thrilling ride for passengers, and it even loops around the famous Carnival funnel. At 187 feet above sea level, riders may achieve speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

BOLT Roller CoasterMelissa Mayntz contributed to this image.

“I doubt many guests are thinking about how we got the roller coaster constructed while spinning around the Mardi Gras’ funnel on BOLT, but this award from Popular Science emphasizes the immense effort that went into making this possible,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “While our ultimate goal is to provide innovative methods for our customers to have fun, we’re also thrilled and grateful for this tremendous award for our team.”

The feature will also appear on the new Carnival Celebration, which will launch in late 2022, and the Carnival Jubilee, which will premiere in 2023. Both ships will be sister ships to the Mardi Gras, weighing in at over 180,000 gross tonnage and fueled by LNG.

BOLT might earn another prize from Cruise Hive’s Cruise Ship Awards before the end of 2021. Since voting began in September 2021, the roller coaster has been included in the “Best Cruise Ship Feature” category. By the end of December 2021, the much-anticipated findings will be announced.

Carnival's BOLT Roller Coaster

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The “royal caribbean cruise ship with roller coaster” is a carnival cruise line that has been recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The ride was designed by the same people who created the famous BOLT roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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