Carnival Cruise Line Nixes On-Site COVID-19 Testing Option

Carnival Cruise Line has decided to stop offering on-site COVID-19 testing for all of its passengers. The decision comes after the Department of Homeland Security warned cruise lines about COVID-19, a software that can be used to detect fraudulent documents.

The carnival cruise covid vaccination requirements is a change that has been made to the Carnival Cruise Line. They have decided to discontinue the on-site COVID-19 testing option for passengers.

Carnival Cruise Line has said that pier-side testing is not a “viable solution” only days after announcing it was looking into it.

Why Terminal Testing Won’t Take Place

Many guests, particularly those who are trying to locate places where they may be tested within the newly announced 48-hour timeframe, were clearly enticed by the possibility of testing at the point of departure.

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Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy detailed the revised procedures and available choices in a letter to cruisers, but said that testing at homeport terminals is off the table for the time being.

“While we had previously discussed the idea of doing more on-site testing at our terminals,” she said, “the practicalities of making this service broadly accessible to a significant number of passengers does not make this a realistic option.”

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Testing Options That Are Available

Currently, all vaccinated passengers must submit a PCR or antigen test within two days of embarkation. “The criteria for unvaccinated passengers remains constant – the pre-travel PCR test must be conducted between 72 and 24 hours before the sailing date,” according to Duffy’s letter.

She also informed passengers that the CDC has “approved vaccinated travelers to submit self-administered telemedicine COVID-19 test results at the terminal to fulfill the pre-cruise testing requirement,” according to the CDC. The tests must be FDA-approved for emergency use, and the self-testing must be done under live supervision on a video chat with a telehealth representative.”

Duffy provided a link to purchase an at-home testing kit after giving additional information on the at-home testing option.

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Guests may also “contact their closest health facility, pharmacy, state health agency, or transiting airport to discover more about their availability” for testing, according to her.

Why Do Guests Who Aren’t Vaccinated Have 72 Hours?

Some people on social media have questioned why unvaccinated visitors may utilize test results from up to 72 hours ago but vaccinated guests have a far shorter window.

“Unvaccinated passengers must undergo an extra antigen test upon embarkation, then test again within 24 hours of debarkation on any voyages longer than four days,” according to the Carnival website.

The cost of these exams, which total $150 per person, is applied to the passenger’s Sail and Sign card immediately.

Children under the age of two are excluded from the testing requirements.


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Carnival Cruise Line announced today that they will no longer be offering the on-site COVID-19 testing option. This means that guests won’t be able to get on board for a test ride until they’ve been cleared through the company’s medical staff. Reference: carnival cruise announcement today.

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